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Emam Khomeini Hospital

Kidney transplantation is one of the most complex medical surgeries that Iran has long been known as one of the kidney transplant centers in the world. Reasonable price and success rate of over 80% of this operation has made Iran the best treatment destination in the world.

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Afshan Clinic

Hair transplants are now used as a more common method to restore lost hair in men. Today in Iran, using the latest hair transplant techniques and without using the methods that may leave surgical scars, the largest number of hairs are placed for the patient in just one session. Having sufficient skills and using advanced equipment is a condition for success in hair transplantation, which is done by Iranian specialists in the best possible way. It can be said with confidence that Iran is the best destination in the world for hair transplantation

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Tehran hospital

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Parsian Hospital

Gastric banding surgery is another method of weight loss that puts a ring on the stomach through the endoscope and reduces the volume of the stomach. Nowadays, due to the existence of more up-to-date techniques such as sleeve and gastric bypass surgery and due to the complications of this operation, physicians are less inclined to perform this surgical method to lose weight. However, this treatment method is also performed in the treatment center.

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Dr. Hadi Amali

Face lift surgery, if performed by skilled professionals, can give a person youth. Iranian physicians are famous for performing this surgical procedure. The medical center . with the best doctors and treatment staff, guarantees the best result for its patients.


Afagh Clinic

dental implants are widely used in the world today to replace missing teeth. Iran is one of the best destinations in the world that can be done with the highest quality and the less expensive price and in the shortest time dental implants. Quality guarantee is given to all patients by Iranian medical centers.

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Maryam Clinic

PGS analyzes biopsied cells from the embryo to screen for potential genetic abnormalities when there are no known potentially inherited disorders. PGD, on the other hand, uses the same process to detect a specific disorder that has a high probability of being passed down from parents to their offspring

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Pasteurno Hospital

Breast augmentation is a method of plastic surgery in which the plastic surgeon uses fine techniques to place the prosthesis between the muscles and the skin of the breast. The surgeon’s skill in implant placement is crucial to the patient’s satisfaction

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Bahman Hospital

Cochlear implantation is one of the most complex methods of deafness treatment in children. Iranian physicians are one of the most skilled surgeons in this method of treatment. The price of this surgery in Iran is much cheaper compared to similar countries.

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Dr. Vahab Astaraki

Rhinoplasty as the highest surgery in Iran has increased the skills of Iranian cosmetic surgeons. Iran as the best choice for rhinoplasty can give reassurance to those who decide to choose Iran for this operation from abroad. Medical center using the best and most well

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Pasteurno Hospital

Tummy tuck surgery It is a method to show six pack of the muscles of the abdomen. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes all abdominal fat and inserts the abdominal muscles under the skin. Having the skills of a plastic surgeon is very important as a result of surgery. Iranian plastic surgeons are famous for this method

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Bazarganan Hospital

Blepharoplasty is a procedure in which the extra eyelid skin is removed. This method is outpatient and does not require hospitalization. Medical center … with the help of experienced doctors can give you the most beautiful eyes.