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        Afshan Clinic

        5 out of 5
        Mammoplasty is used as a method to small and beautify breasts. Medical center .... using new surgical methods gives you the assurance that you have complete satisfaction from performing this surgery in Iran.

        Pasteurno Hospital

        3 out of 5
        Sleeve surgery It is the safest and least complicated method of weight loss. This surgical method is performed in Iran with the highest international standards and by the most skilled Iranian specialists. The hospital ..... with all the necessary facilities, performs this surgery in a safe environment and high standards. In this method, more than 80% of the stomach is removed by closed method with laparoscopy.

        Pasteurno Hospital

        5 out of 5
        Cell therapy is one of the new methods that is used in the treatment of many diseases including Parkinson's, diabetes, osteoarthritis of the knee, vitiligo, ALS, etc. By establishing stem cell production plants, Iran has been able to achieve great success in this treatment method along with the developed countries of the world. The very low price and very high quality of the treatment cell in Iran in comparison with European countries has made Iran the best cell therapy destination in the world.

        Treata Hospital

        5 out of 5
        IVF is One of the methods of infertility treatment is to create the fetus in the laboratory and place it in the mother's uterus through sophisticated techniques. Iran is one of the few countries in the world that has the highest success rate in this treatment for families without children.

        Nour Hospital

        5 out of 5
        Corneal transplantation is a new way to restore vision to blind people. Iran is one of the few countries in the world that has the highest success rate in corneal transplantation in the world with a very reasonable price and very high quality.

        Afagh Clinic

        5 out of 5
        dental implants are widely used in the world today to replace missing teeth. Iran is one of the best destinations in the world that can be done with the highest quality and the less expensive price and in the shortest time dental implants. Quality guarantee is given to all patients by Iranian medical centers.

        Mustafa Khomeini Hospital

        5 out of 5
        Total Knee replacement is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries that Iranian treatment centers are one of the best treatment destinations for knee replacement due to their high quality and reasonable price.

        Bahman Hospital

        5 out of 5
        Cochlear implantation is one of the most complex methods of deafness treatment in children. Iranian physicians are one of the most skilled surgeons in this method of treatment. The price of this surgery in Iran is much cheaper compared to similar countries.
        Why Iran ?
        The medical organization of Islamic republic of Iran and mastery and expert knowledge of Iranian doctors is famous in the world. The presence of specialized and educated doctors from the best medical universities of the world and the existence of numerous governmental, charity institution, and private hospitals and specialized clinics with the prices which are cheaper than those of other countries caused to choose Iran as a treatment aim by a large number of the subjects of different countries including European countries, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Oman, and other countries of the world.
        In addition to the suitable cost of treatment in Iran, the engagement of doctors of the Iranian doctors and nurses and the suitable transportation services and the hotel services and reception and the possibility of taking the trip and pilgrimage beside the treatment caused to focus on Iran as the center of medical tourism in Middle East.
        Why Treata ?

        Health Development Company Treata is a medical tourism facilitation company that has been fully professional in the field of medical tourism for many years and offers the best service to patients and foreign tourists.The motto of Treata Company is: Health from God and its services Ask us.
        The company has a strong, committed and professional team and also has the best medical teams and specialist doctors specializing in providing medical tourism services of the best quality, as well as the most suitable medical treatment rates and competitive with other countries and active companies. Is ready to provide services to all foreign patients.
        Treatment and Recreation in Iran with Top level Agency.

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