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          Why Treata ?

          Health Development Company Treata is a medical tourism facilitation company that has been fully professional in the field of medical tourism for many years and offers the best service to patients and foreign tourists.The motto of Treata Company is: Health from God and its services Ask us.
          The company has a strong, committed and professional team and also has the best medical teams and specialist doctors specializing in providing medical tourism services of the best quality, as well as the most suitable medical treatment rates and competitive with other countries and active companies. Is ready to provide services to all foreign patients.
          Treatment and Recreation in Iran with Top level Agency.

          Experience Patients

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          Plastic Surgery

          From Kuwait

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          Leg Lenghting Surgery

          From Germany


          Open Heart Surgery

          From Iraq

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          Elham Fazaeli

          CMO (chief marketing officer)

          CMO (chief marketing officer) at Treata Health Touism Company

          Manager of B2B International Meetings and Negotiations

          Contact Email for Counseling:

          WhatsApp : +989227510771

          elham fazaeli CMO managment