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Health Development Company Treata

that has been fully professional in the field of medical tourism for many years and offers the best service to patients and foreign tourists.The motto of Treata Company is:

Health from God and its services Ask us.
The company has a strong, committed and professional team and also has the best medical teams and specialist doctors specializing in providing medical tourism services of the best quality, as well as the most suitable medical treatment rates and competitive with other countries and active companies. Is ready to provide services to all foreign patients.It is proud to announce that 99% of Treata’s customers are fully satisfied with our medical tourism services.
Treata has been able to provide a range of the best medical tourism services to its customers based on its technical and customer service expertise.

Treata Medical & Health Tourism Company

Hassan Rashki M.D.
Head of treata CO.

TREATA MEDICA TOURISM platform, by having numerous contracts with medical centers and doctors, especially in Iran and other countries, has made it possible for international patients and beauticians to be able to choose the services they need between medical centers and doctors in the most transparent way.
TREATA’s professional team does its best to provide the best service to its customers and TREATA guarantees its medical services.

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Hassan Rashki

Afshan Shah M.D.
Head of international department

TREATA MEDICA TOURISM platform is proud to make every effort to have a strong international network with reputable medical centers and experienced physicians to be able to provide the best services to its customers.

I am ready to respond to customers 24 hours a day and follow up on their requests.

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Afshan Shah

Elham Fazaeli
CMO (chief marketing officer)

Elham Fazaeli

CMO (chief marketing officer) at Treata Health Touism Company

Manager of B2B International Meetings and Negotiations

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Email : Elham.fazaeli89@gmail.com

Contact Email for Counseling: elham.f@treata-mt.com

Elham Fazaeli

elham fazaeli CMO managment
treata team

Treata Team

TREATA ‘s management and support team makes every effort to ensure that our clients have the best travel experience and treatment experience in a foreign country, and that we love our clients like our family.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

one of the employees of the Treata Company will contact you for the coordination.

Our company specialists will answer all your questions within 24 hours.

• The company specialists will assay your information and requests, then we provide additional information to help you making decision. These services include:

 Your suitable treatment procedures and costs
 The name and profile of your doctor
 Name and city of your health center
 Your place of residence and your companions
 Introducing some of the company’s services, such as visa, ticket, transfer, translator, tour
 and other tourist services to choose from.

• We provide different medical packages as well as various expenses for tourism services in order to help you catching the best choice.
• You need to know the cost of treatment will vary based on the hospitality and health centers, the reputation of medical staff, medical equipments and drugs which used for. So finally the same and optimal improvement will occure to you.

Yes . One of the key Obligations of our company is trustworthiness and privacy of our patients’ information, so patients who choose our company to receive services will ultimately relax and rely on the collection of our coverage center.

• Directly swift to the international account of the company (…..)
• Through the broker or exchange
• When entering the country

• By email
• Through the social network
• In person at the place of Treata

• You can for more information, Contact our team:
Dr. asfshan shah: +989125469709
Dr. hassan rashki:+989125469709
Dr. Pouria ziai: +989120399135
Office number:+982188557748-9