Height Increase Surgery

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height increase surgery

height increase surgery

Everything about height increase surgery by Dr. Nader Matalabizadeh, the best orthopedic surgeon:

Who is the best height increase surgery in Iran?

The increase in height is the difficult process that some people perform to reach the towering height, and it is the problem of Qasr al-Qamah. One of the biggest problems faced by Qasar al-Qama is psychological problems. Because these people always consider themselves to be weak because of their long imagination and comparing themselves to others and face mental problems resulting from this thinking. In this article, we are not going to talk about long-term surgery, my dear, please stay tuned until the end.


height increase surgery

What is height increase?

Height increase operation is usually done for various reasons. In some cases, this operation is done to correct length inequality in different organs, but in general, the purpose of this operation is to increase height significantly with surgery. This height increase of several inches has caused Many people do this every year



Scientific investigation of the conditions of surgery to increase height


From a scientific point of view, the growth of boys and girls is controlled by a hormone called growth hormone in the body. Usually, the normal activity of this hormone is up to a certain age, and the activity after this age is considered a type of disorder in the body.


After boys and girls reach a certain age, the activity of growth hormone stops and, as the famous saying goes, bone growth and height increase stop. Usually, the cessation of growth hormone secretion and closure of the growth plate occurs in girls between 15 and 16 years of age and in boys between 17 and 20 years of age.


Therefore, the use of growth-promoting drugs that we see in many media and advertisements that claim to increase height even at the age of 35 is just propaganda and lies.


Usually, the only way to increase height after passing the growing age and closing the bone growth plates in both girls and boys is surgery to increase height. In relation to the issue of how realistic and possible surgery is to increase height, it should be said that this operation is a feasible type of operation and many people in the world have experienced it. But the point that is very important and important in relation to this issue is that surgery to increase height is a highly specialized operation and only people who are experts and skilled in this field are able to handle it well.

height increase surgery
Height increase surgery and the reasons for doing it


Today, height increase surgery is considered as a medical need at the community level, because short height sometimes leaves severe psychological effects that should not be ignored, and this is definitely the reason why in other countries, there are always some specialists in They work in this field. For example, in America, several large centers are engaged in performing height-enhancing surgeries. Or, for example, in Europe, mostly in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and Italy, there are many centers operating in this field, and in Asia, China, Russia, and India, they are very active in this field, and a significant number of doctors are active in this field, and Periodically, they exchange the results of their research and studies in seminars related to this field.

Everything about height increase surgery Dr. Nader Tebalizadeh, orthopedic specialist

height increase surgery

Despite all these scientific events and researches and developments that were mentioned, unfortunately, this surgical method remains unknown in our country and is questionable and ambiguous even for orthopedic specialists. It is enough to ask one of the orthopedic colleagues whether to perform height increase surgery or not and see how many possible complications and risks they mention. You will receive a negative answer. . If it should be kept in mind, although doing this procedure and passing the height increase course is not an easy task, it has a well-known process with specific problems that if the applicant follows all the established principles, he will achieve the desired result without difficulty in more than 98% of cases.

height increase surgery
Examining the reasons for the decision to perform surgery in people who have increased their height with this method in the last twenty years shows that short stature in some cases causes such severe mental pressure for a short person that they almost completely isolate themselves from society.
height increase surgery
By reviewing the employment conditions in some public and private institutions, we realize that height is one of the main conditions for employment, because height is directly related to a person’s ability. Separation of spouses due to the short stature of one of the spouses, attempted suicide, inability to get a desired job and especially one’s desired spouse, loss of self-confidence, inability to drive in social activities, even difficulty in accessing the doorbell of one’s own home. They make a person enthusiastically turn to surgery.

At what age is surgery to increase height performed?


Natural growth is very effective in increasing height. For this reason, most doctors specializing in this field believe that the natural growth of the body should be completed before performing height increase surgery. From the age of 21 onwards, the natural growth of the body will be at a minimum and it will be completed at around the age of 45. This time period is the best. It’s time to do height increase.


How is height increase surgery performed?


In general, height increase is done by surgery in four stages, under the supervision of specialist doctors. At first, the patient must consult with the orthopedic specialist during the consultation sessions and explain his physical condition to them. These consultation sessions make the patient and the doctor understand each other about the surgery and the patient’s condition. After the consultation sessions, height increase is done by the surgeons It takes place. After cutting the bone and using the devices in specific parts of the bone, the conditions are provided for the stretching of the bones. After the stretching resulting from the devices, it is time to stabilize the form and length of the bone and fix the bone, and after this step, the height is increased. Achieved

Types of height increase procedures


In general, there are many methods to increase height. The selection of each of these methods is done according to the physical and financial conditions of the person. In the following, we will introduce the three main methods of increasing height and compare them:


LON method


This method is one of the widely used methods in the field of increasing height. In the LON method, bone osteotomy is performed and then a rod is placed inside the leg bone. After the rod is placed in the specified points, the lateral fixator is placed on the bone and from the outside. , it is installed on the leg and the increase in height is done gradually.


Everything about height increase surgery Dr. Nader Tebalizadeh, orthopedic specialist

MTN method


The MTN method is more popular than other methods due to some advantages it has over other methods of increasing height. One of these advantages is that walking and doing daily activities are easily possible with this method. In the method of increasing height The MTN telescopic nail is inserted into the bone and a small screw is placed on the outside of the leg. There is only a small screw on the skin.

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