Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

All about high density natural hair transplants

Who is the best Hair transplantation in Iran?
Hair transplantation is one of the most important and popular beauty practices among the general public. Many people suffer from hair loss due to hereditary reasons or aging, which reduces their self-confidence. Hair transplantation, which is one of the most popular surgeries in the world, is very suitable for this group of people and makes their lost hair return. Hair transplantation means the transfer of hair follicles from dense areas to less dense areas


Hair transplantation is like a miracle for people who have hair loss and it causes hair to grow again. If you also suffer from hair loss and baldness, you can do hair transplantation by referring to dermatologists and hair specialists and experienced people in this field. We know that those who perform hair transplantation due to hereditary reasons and hair loss, often have a desire to perform related beauty procedures such as eyebrow transplantation. Hair transplantation is done with different methods and your doctor will use one of the methods for you according to your age and the factors that are important in this field. Follow this article to learn about hair transplantation and its methods.

Hair transplantation

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a type of surgery in which hair roots are transplanted from a part of the body that is resistant to hereditary hair loss to the part where hair is falling. This method is one of the most effective methods of repairing and restoring lost hair, in which natural hair is transplanted to the part that is falling out. 1 to 4 strands of hair can be grown in one hair bulb. Of course, today new methods are used in which the body hair bulb is not changed or manipulated. Hair transplantation can be done for parts of the body such as the head, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, genital area, chest and parts that have scars. The follicles implanted in the shedding area remain for the rest of the person’s life

In one hair transplant session, which usually lasts one day, 1,500 to 3,000 hair grafts are transplanted. Hair transplant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and anesthesia is injected in the areas where the hair is to be transplanted, and the patient does not feel any pain during the operation, only he may feel a little pain after the operation, which is normal. Is. After the operation, there is no need to rest and the person can do his work the day after the operation. Usually between three and five months after the operation, the transplanted hair grows. The success rate of hair transplantation is 98%, which of course depends on the skill of the surgeon.


Investigating the causes of hair loss before hair transplantation


Before proceeding with hair transplant surgery, the causes of hair loss should be investigated so that a correct decision can be made whether or not to perform the surgery. As you know, several causes contribute to its loss and low back. Factors such as heredity, mental stress, improper nutrition are some of the factors involved in hair loss.


The final opinion about the eligibility of people to perform this surgery is made by a specialist surgeon. If the use of certain drugs causes hair loss, a person cannot perform hair transplant. A person who is going to undergo hair transplant surgery must have a specific pattern of baldness.

Hair transplantation
Age of applicants for hair transplant surgery

In hair transplantation, the age of the applicants is very important. It is better that this operation is not performed for people under 25 years old and this operation is performed at older ages. In fact, these people are not suitable for hair transplantation.

Of course, people who are old may also experience hair loss after hair transplantation. Therefore, the forms that are considered for hair transplantation should be suitable to cover this issue.


Types of hair transplant methods

Hair transplantation can be done in different ways as mentioned below.

FUT method: This method is the oldest method in hair transplant surgery. In this method, the patient is anesthetized and a part of the back of the head that had hair is transplanted to the bald part of the front of the head, which is obsolete today due to complications such as pain and bleeding.

FIT method: In this method of hair transplantation, strands of hair from the back of the head are transplanted to the bald part in the front of the head. But this method is not used nowadays due to bleeding, post-operative recovery period, the need to repeat sessions, etc.

BHT method: This method is similar to the FIT method, with the difference that for transplanting hair from other parts of the body, hair can be transplanted to the part with hair loss. But this method is obsolete today because of the complications it had like the FIT method.

SUT method: This method is one of the newest and best methods of hair transplantation, which has the least complications and is performed in most hair transplant clinics. This procedure is performed without bleeding and anesthesia, and hairs are removed for transplantation with an automatic device. With this method, 14,000 hair strands can be implanted in the area affected by hair loss.

Micro fit method: Micro fit is one of the modern methods of hair transplantation, in which hair grafts are removed from the hair bank of people using automatic micro motors. In the stage of hair transplant, an implanter device is used, and this means that no cutting or surgery is needed in this method. This method has more density than other hair transplant methods and people can have full back and long hair. Therefore, this method can be more suitable for women. By using the most modern devices, Sa’i specialized clinic performs microfit hair transplantation at the lowest cost for people.

Super combined method: If the doctor feels that the bald areas on the patient’s head are significantly large and other methods of hair transplantation cannot be used, he chooses the super combined method for implantation. In the super combined method, unlike the combined method, hair grafts can be removed from different areas of the body. Areas such as the chest and under the beard are among the areas that the doctor uses as hair bank areas. In this method, the doctor first removes a strip from the hair bank using the FUT method and then uses the SUT method. It is also possible to harvest up to 5000 hair grafts in the super hybrid hair transplant. The important point of this method is that this method takes advantage of both methods and finally gives the best result to the patient.

Super Fue method: Hair transplant with Super Fue method is one of the latest hair transplant methods based on the FIT method. This method is very similar to the FIT method, but the disadvantages of that method have been eliminated in the Super Fue method. Super Fue is one of the low-risk, low-invasive, and low-complication methods, and for this reason, it has been welcomed by many people today. In this method, hair grafts are removed using a small surgical blade. As a result, deep incisions and stitches are not necessary, and as a result, the patient will not experience pain or bleeding. Fast recovery period, use of computer scanning to find resistant follicles, reduction of surgical time and reduction of surgical error are among the great advantages of this method.

DHI method: Direct hair transplantation, known as DHI hair transplantation, is very similar to the FUE method. In the DHI method, the stage of extraction and implantation of hair follicles is performed simultaneously and is considered as part of one process. As a result, the doctor transfers the harvested follicles directly to the bald area. . Lifelong results, no need for a surgical blade and the ability to perform the operation in one session have made many people welcome it. If this method is performed in reputable clinics and under the supervision of a specialist doctor, it will have extraordinary results and its side effects will be very few. Sa’i Specialized Clinic is the best option for DHI hair transplant.

Which hair transplant method gives the most density?


There are different methods of hair transplantation that are used today. The micro fit method gives more density than other hair transplant methods, and this has made this method more popular than other methods. In the microfit method, hair follicles are removed from the donor area using special needles. In this method, a small device is also used to remove hair follicles, open small holes and implant hair, and it is possible to remove and implant hair simultaneously in this method.


In the microfit method, the harvested follicles are directly implanted in the desired area, while in other hair transplant methods, the follicles are kept in special solutions and after some time they are transferred to the new area. In the microfit method, there is no bleeding or pain, and a lot of density is given to people’s hair, and as a result, patients will notice the good growth of their hair after some time and will be completely satisfied with the hair transplant procedure.


In the FUE method, about 60 transplants are performed per centimeter of the head area, but in the microfit method, this number reaches 90 transplants, and as a result, people will have fuller hair after the operation. In the microfit method, there is no need for correction and only the donor area is cut. In general, the microfit method has many advantages and the complications that may occur in other hair transplant methods for people will not exist in this method.


Patients who need a frontline transplant or people who are looking for a beard and mustache transplant can be a good option for choosing the microfit method. Also, women who are looking for more density of their hair can use this method for hair transplantation and get the best results..

Getting to know the stages of hair transplantation


Hair transplant is one of the beauty procedures that people who suffer from hair loss and do it in their own beauty do it. It is better for a person who intends to have a hair transplant to be familiar with the procedures of hair transplant so that he can get a good result from this procedure.


The first step of hair transplantation is choosing a reputable clinic to perform hair transplantation. There have been many people who have had problems after implantation due to choosing unreliable clinics. With the license from the Ministry of Health and the use of a complete treatment team and using the best devices, Sa’i Specialized Clinic can be the best option for hair transplantation.


The second stage of hair transplantation is consultation. You attend a meeting at the clinic and the doctor examines you and chooses the type of operation depending on your conditions and informs you of the important points before and after the operation.


The third stage of hair transplantation is pre-operative care. Precautions such as not smoking, stopping the use of anti-inflammatory and blood clotting drugs, and not drinking alcohol are among the most important things you should do.


In the fourth step, hair transplant is done for you. At this stage, the desired area is numbed and then hair follicles are taken from the hair bank area and added to the desired area. In the last step, the doctor will tell you the points that you should follow after the operation. Points such as taking care of injury to the hair transplant area and not doing heavy sports activities are among the most important points of this stage.

Important points before hair transplant surgery


In hair transplant surgery, like other surgeries, you must follow some tips before the operation to get the best result from hair transplant. These points are given below.


Avoid taking vitamins E, supplements and aspirin two weeks before the operation because they cause blood thinning.

Avoid drinking alcohol two weeks before the operation and try to drink less tea.

Two weeks before the operation, avoid taking slimming diets that cause late recovery after the operation. You can resume your diet two weeks after the operation.

Do not do heavy sports for a week before the operation.

Quit smoking a week before the operation.

A few days before the operation, try to sleep comfortably at night without stress.

Avoid taking ibuprofen and naproxen one day before surgery.

The night before the operation, eat a meal that has enough protein, carbohydrates and sugar. For this purpose, you can use fried or baked potatoes and eat ice cream after dinner.

On the day of the operation, wear clothes that come off easily.

Hair transplantation

Complications after hair transplantation


Some people may not have any complications after the operation, and others may experience the following complications after hair transplantation.


Swelling after surgery: It is one of the most common side effects after hair transplantation. This complication disappears after a short time.

Inflammation of the hair follicle: this complication, which occurs in 29% of patients after the operation, appears as a wound or pimple in the hair transplant area.

Itching: Due to the cracks that are created in the transplanted parts of the hair, the person may feel itchy in that part. If there is an itch, you should not steam that part because it will cause sores. Try to wash your hair daily with a special shampoo.

Numbness: This numbness is normal and will improve a few weeks after the operation.

Hiccups: A small percentage of people experience hiccups after the operation, which are cured by taking steroid drugs.

Cyst: These cysts are usually purple in color and disappear 2-3 weeks after the operation.


Of course, be careful that these side effects are completely normal and will improve after some time.

The cost of hair transplantation, the level of skill of the surgeon


The cost of hair transplant surgery is very important. For hair transplant surgery, it may require a surgical team consisting of several nurses, surgeons and technicians. Also, the materials that must be used for this matter are included in the cost. Therefore, if you want to use more facilities to achieve better results, you need to spend more money. Sometimes there are advertisements about low costs and the use of the best method for hair transplantation, which will be contrary to reality.


The ability and skill of the surgeon is one of the other important points in relation to hair transplantation. Because skilled and experienced surgeons act in such a way that the person applying for hair transplant surgery has better and more comfortable conditions during the operation. Also, everything that should be observed before and after surgery is reminded by the surgeon. An experienced surgeon can increase the success rate of the operation as much as possible. Therefore, it is recommended that you ask about the history of your chosen surgeon before undergoing hair transplant surgery.


The best solution for treating baldness and hair loss is hair transplantation. Because in addition to causing few side effects for the person, it is completely natural and the person can use it to restore beauty to their face. But the question that is always in people’s minds is, what is the best and latest method of hair transplant in the new year?




Hair transplantation has various methods, one of the best and newest of which is the microfit method. This method, which is recently performed in reputable clinics, is more suitable than other hair transplant methods, and people do not pay much for it. In this method, hair grafts are placed in the bald area using an implanter device without manual intervention. This method always has many fans due to its naturalness.


Hair transplantation with the new microfit method has recently been welcomed by doctors and is widely performed in reputable clinics. Microfit is a technique that is not similar to hair transplant methods. In this method, after removing the hair follicles from the donor area, they are transferred to the new area using a micro motor. The microfit method is more suitable for women who like to always have long hair or prefer thick hair.


Washing the head after hair transplantation


Hair transplant is one of the procedures that will not bring good results to the patient if the post-operative care and doctor’s recommendations are not done well. One of the most important actions is how to wash your hair after hair transplantation, which should be done in a principled manner so that the newly transplanted hair follicles are not damaged.


It is better to pay attention to different points while washing your hair for at least one month, and after one month you can wash your hair as before. One of the important points when washing hair after hair transplant is to use shampoo. It is better to use baby shampoo after planting. Because baby shampoo does not contain harmful chemicals for implanted hair. While washing your hair, pay attention that you should not hit the desired area or hit the desired area with your nails.


Do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair after showering. The heat of the hair dryer will damage the newly implanted follicles and you will not be able to get the desired result from the hair transplant. It is also better not to use a towel to dry your hair and let your hair dry in the open air. Of course, it is not a problem to use a soft paper towel to dry the head without damaging the desired area

Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation

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