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Who is the best facelifts surgeon in Iran?
With life progressing so fast and the days, months and years chasing each other quickly, it is almost impossible for our skin to stay young and fresh. Stressful, tiring work and social life in modern city life, make our skin change shape much faster than people living in rural areas. When all this is considered, our face cannot resist gravity.



Aging process:

The phenomenon called aging is a natural process. The more we pay attention to our health, the more we protect the skin from external influences, the more we can predict and postpone this “aging” phenomenon. For this, it is useful to pay attention to this aging process. Our whole body is covered with skin. This skin is completely alive, healthy and elastic during childhood and youth. However, as we age, this elasticity decreases, collagen support decreases, and our skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to external factors. Cell renewal before the age of 30 is very fast and any changes in skin shape can be renewed in a short time. However, with advancing age, the body’s production function declines and some external supplements and treatments are required to regenerate, rejuvenate and maintain a youthful appearance.


What is a face lift?

Face lift surgery eliminates sagging skin on the face and neck. If present, it removes the fat under the chin and strengthens the subcutaneous tissue. Ideal candidates for a facelift are those whose skin on the face and neck has loosened, but the skin has not yet completely lost its elasticity and has no other health problems.


At what age is it right to do a face lift?


In fact, as with other cosmetic procedures, there is no age limit for a face lift. In this case, it can be said that the most suitable age is when people need it the most and when the appearance changes. Since the anatomical structure and genetic characteristics of people affect the health of the skin, the aging process, the right age is different for everyone. However, to determine a general period of time, the aging period will be more appropriate for a middle-aged face lift and for a full cheek and neck lift.


Can a face lift be performed together with other operations?


People who are unhappy with their face usually get stuck on one or two parts and focus on that part. But the face is a whole with all its parts. In this regard, if there is a problem in the nose, the appearance of the lips, a structural change in the ear, problems in the jaw affect other organs as well. Since each point on the face directly affects another, it is useful to look at the face as a whole. In this regard, if you go to a specialist due to dissatisfaction with your face, ask for a complete facial examination. In this context, two or three operations related to organs such as the nose, ears, chin, lips, eyebrows, and cheekbones can be performed together.



Can the patient’s own fat be used for a face lift?


The effect of fat tissue in a person is possible by using the right fat in the right place. Since the fats taken from the person’s own fat tissue contain a large amount of stem cells, the quality of the tissues increases and gives volume. However, these fatty tissues require several sessions to achieve the desired results. With fat injection, it is possible to get fresh, shiny skin and youthful energy. However, for advanced skin aging and sagging, only fat injection will not be enough and several methods should be used together.


How long does the face lift effect last?


The answer depends on the general condition of the patient, the skin structure, the experience of the specialist, the products used and many other factors. However, with a facelift, it is possible for a person to return to the previous state without wrinkles and sagging skin and the changes that have occurred in the skin over time will disappear. However, it is possible to maintain the beauty achieved for a long time with a healthy diet and lifestyle and regular skin care after the operation.



Advantages of face lift


Face lift has advantages that include tightening the skin, maintaining the happiness and freshness of the facial skin, rejuvenating the face and increasing self-confidence, eliminating surface wrinkles in different areas of the face and face, eliminating puffiness, with little or no side effects. It becomes lateral.


Different types of face lift


If you intend to rejuvenate and facelift; You should choose the best method for you in consultation with a specialist doctor.


The specialist doctor will suggest the most appropriate method by examining the age and health conditions of the patient, the extent of damage, the treated area and skin type.


Face lift with surgery


The methods of correcting the shape of the face with surgery are usually associated with many problems and various complications. In this method, the patient is completely unconscious and hospitalized for a while at home. Also, it is more difficult to take care of the patient during the face lift surgery recovery period.


Face lift surgery is suitable for people who have many wrinkles and sagging skin. In this method, according to the degree of damage to the facial skin, the surgery is done superficially and deeply.


Face lift without surgery


Many people want to do a face lift without the need for surgery and anesthesia. In this method, doctors use local anesthetics if needed. The side effects of this method are very few and the recovery period is not long; Therefore, the patient can continue his daily activities after the treatment session.


As far as possible, doctors do not recommend surgical facelift. But if the facial skin problems are so great that they cannot be treated with any of the non-surgical methods; They choose the surgical method.


Face lift without surgery has different methods; These include hypotherapy, gel or fat injection, botox injection, fractional RF, thread lift and carboxytherapy.


Each of these methods has its own application, which will bring different results for different people.


If you want to know which of the available methods is suitable for you; You should consult a doctor specializing in cosmetic surgery.



Haifu therapy


HIFU therapy method is the best choice for people who are afraid of injections and ampoules. In this method, the face is lifted using focused ultrasound waves.


Ultrasound waves penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and their energy stimulates the collagen fibers of the skin. With this method, sagging and wrinkles on the face are eliminated and the facial skin is tightened.


The advantages of the HIFU therapy method include the following:


A safe and painless method

Few side effects

High durability of about one to three years


Using hyphotherapy method for face lift does not take time and usually one treatment session is enough for each person. Men and women between 30 and 75 years of age can use hyphotherapy method to eliminate sagging and loose skin.




Endolift is another non-surgical facelift method, the results of which are equal to surgical facelift.


With endofill, there is no need for anesthesia and hospitalization, and there is no wound or cut on the face. In this method, a laser with a wavelength of 1470 nm is used for treatment. The laser shines on the underlying tissues of the skin and strengthens it by rearranging collagens and breaking down skin fats.


Endolift is performed in one session and you can do your daily activities two days after the procedure. The effects of this method usually last up to 3 years, and after that there is a need for restoration.




Fractional is a new method that is combined with microneedling and radio frequency. This combination is more effective because the frequency waves stimulate the skin and improve its collagen production process.


In addition, microneedling waves also affect facial pimples and acnes and eliminate them. By using fractional RF method, your skin regains its elasticity and becomes younger and fresher.


The effect duration of fractional RF method is longer than that of hyphotherapy and lasts between 3 and 5 years. The use of this method has no age limit and anyone of any age can use this method.


gel injection


Face lift with gel injection is one of the main non-surgical lifting methods. The gel creates a suitable volume along the cheeks, temples, lips and under the eyes. Dermal fillers are composed of different gel-like materials such as hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite. These materials, which are rich in moisture and make the skin smooth, last from 6 months to a year.


Face lift with fat injection


Fat injection (filler) is a semi-invasive method in which fat cells are extracted from other areas of the body through liposuction and injected. In this method, because the fat cells are integrated with the facial tissue; They last for several years.


In this method, the doctor removes fat from a part of the body and injects it into the person’s face. This fat is removed from parts such as the person’s thighs and flanks and enters the pores of the skin through special needles and provides the required amount of fat for the face.


Fat cells after entering the skin; They are immediately absorbed by the skin tissue through blood supply.




With carboxytherapy, they release CO2 gas in the middle layers of the skin. In this case, the oxygen supply in that area is reduced, and with lack of oxygen, the brain is stimulated and brings blood and nutrients to the target area. This method rejuvenates the skin by forming more collagen.


Depending on your skin type, the esthetician may continue your treatment between one and several sessions per week for several weeks.


Face lift with threads


For skin rejuvenation, if you choose the thread face lift method; You should note that the doctor has enough experience. In this method, the thread must be placed in the right areas; Otherwise, the lift will not look natural. In addition to pulling the skin back, threads help the natural process of facial skin rejuvenation. In the areas where thread is used, skin collagen production increases because collagen plays a significant role in rejuvenation.


Perform a face lift according to the latest technologies


In today’s world, the face lift process is performed according to the latest technology. By lifting the skin, your face will become younger and you will feel good about your face.


People who intend to have a face lift should pay attention to make a correct and informed choice and perform the surgical and non-surgical method only with the consultation of a cosmetic specialist.


There are various solutions to achieve this goal; Therefore, the diagnosis of the best method of lifting is done after examination by a specialist doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many methods are there for face lift?


Doctors perform face lift in two ways, surgical and non-surgical.


How to recognize the best face lift method?


You can choose the best method for your face lift by visiting a cosmetic doctor and consulting with him.


What people should do a face lift?


People who have superficial wrinkles on their facial skin and people with acne can lift their face



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