Dr. Zeba Aqsaei

Dr. Zeba Aqsaei, adult kidney disease specialist

Iran . Tehran


1391-1389 Doctorate in “Adult Kidney Diseases” Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

1384-1388 Doctorate in “Internal Diseases of Adults” Tehran University of Medical Sciences

1382-1375 General Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Academic qualifications: Assistant Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Research Activities:

Judging 5 specialized theses

From the beginning of 1993 to July 1998, more than 25 theses

Honors and awards

Medical student from Sampad Center (Tabriz’s brilliant talents)

Model assistant in 1987


Proficiency in other international languages:



Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


on Saturdays and Mondays

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