Dr. Vahid Ziaee

Dr. Vahid Ziyai, specialist in rheumatology

Iran . Tehran


Education: Specialist in Rheumatology


Academic qualifications: Professor, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Introduction of Dr. Vahid Ziaee


Dr. Vahid Ziaei, pediatric specialist and pediatric rheumatology subspecialist, provides services to patients in Dr. Maiko’s system in three ways: video, telephone, and text. Dr. Ziaei, a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences with more than 25 years of medical experience, practices medicine only at the Children’s Medical Center Hospital in Tehran (he does not practice medicine in private medical centers).

Services of Dr. Vahid Ziaei, pediatric rheumatology specialist


Dr. Ziaei’s patients can register a virtual consultation with Dr. Maiko regarding the following:

There are emergency cases where it is not possible to see a doctor.

Renewing the prescription or re-registration of the tests that have expired.

Cases where it is not possible to visit the patient in person due to unforeseen events such as road closures, etc. Parents who have doubts about the main nature of their child’s illness, whether it is a rheumatic disease or not?

New patients who do not have the possibility to get an appointment quickly from the children’s medical center and want to get information about whether the disease is an emergency or not.


Note: text consultation is possible every day and will be answered by the end of the day, but phone and video consultations are limited to designated times. Therefore, it is recommended to use text counseling for previous patients who need to renew medicine or prescribe tests or who have encountered an emergency.

Activities in hospitals: Children’s Medical Center Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


on Saturdays and Mondays                                

Sample Images of Dr. Vahid Ziaee

Sample Videos of Dr. Noorahmad Latifi


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