Dr taeb ghadimi

Dr. taeb ghadimi
Doctor taeb ghadimi

Iran . Tehran


Academic and scientific records:

Elementary, middle and high school levels: Bijar city

Graduated in general medicine: from Tehran University in 1998

Graduated in general surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1372

5 years of specialization project: Kurdistan province

plastic surgery specialist graduate; Repair and burn: Iran University of Medical Sciences, 1380.

Academic rank: Associate Professor; Member of the academic staff of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Member of the Iranian Plastic Surgeons Association.

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Professional and executive records:

President of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences for 11 years.

Member of the board of judges of the scientific and research journal of Kirstan University of Medical Sciences.

Senior Advisor to the Deputy Planning and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Head of the Secretariat of the Grand Council of National Regions, 2016-2015.

Executive Vice President and Medical Advisor of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education 2016-2019.

Plenipotentiary representative of the Minister of Health in the earthquake-affected areas of Kermanshah, 2016-2017.

Member of the Board of Trustees of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences since 2017.

Representative of the country’s health transformation headquarters in the study area of 3 countries in 2017.

Representative of the Deputy Minister of Medicine of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the Deputy Council of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities 2016-2018.

Member of the scientific committee of the festival of successful hospital experiences in managing resources and expenses.

Executive Secretary of the 7th National Burn Congress in 2016.

Head of Burn Research Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences since 2017.

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