Dr. Seyed Mozhgan Qalandpour Attar

Dr. Seyed Mozhgan Qalandpour Attar, obstetrics and gynecology specialist

Iran . Tehran


Education: gynecologist and obstetrician


Academic qualifications: assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology

  • baharlou-ipd@tums.ac.ir  https://baharloo.tums.ac.ir
  • 11-55658500-021

Research Activities:

Investigation of the prevalence of microcytic anemia in babies born in Bharlo hospital in 2017

Mohammad Ali Shaaban Asghar, the victim of Shahreh Mohadi Seyed Mozhgan Qalandarpour Atar

Investigating the effect of adding letrozole to GnRh antagonist in the treatment response of patients with poor ovarian response who undergo ICSI/IVF cycle

Seyed Mozhgan Qalandarpour Atar Firozeh Akbari formerly Mehbod Ebrahimi

Investigating the relationship between sleep disorders and anxiety and depression in pregnant women referred to Bharlo Hospital in 2016.

Yasmin Keyvan Farnaz Etisam Sayed Mozhgan Qalandarpour Atar Farzaneh Sadat Chavoshi

Evaluation of the length of the long bones of the lower limb and the foot of healthy fetuses and their ratio in the middle of pregnancy (18-20 weeks) in pregnant women referred to Bharlu Hospital in 2001-1402

Siddique Barna Seyed Mozhgan Qalandarpour Atar Seyed Noushin Qalandarpour Atar Mamek Shariat

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