Dr. Samira Al Saeed

Dr. Samira Al Saeed, specialist in rheumatology

Iran . Tehran

Medical system number: 119303

Educational and professional records

Specialist in rheumatology

Internal medicine specialist

Professional doctorate in medicine

Has internal specialist board and subspecialty in rheumatology

Director of International Health of the International Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sciences

Tehran Medicine

Member of the International Health Committee

Member of the remote and virtual visit review committee in the virtual faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The author of an international specialized article

Creation of new centers:


Activating the computer center of Iran University of Medical Sciences 1373

Launching of educational and therapeutic complex of Rasul Akram (PBUH) 1370

Launching the Education Development Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences 1370

Helping to set up the Basic Medical Sciences Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences 1371

Guidance and assistance in the establishment of various specialized and subspecialized fields of graduate education



Email address:


Working in Hazrat Fatimah (S) Hospital


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