Dr. Reza Zarghampour

Dr. Zarghampour

Radio-oncology specialist (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)

Cancer specialist (chemotherapy and radiation therapy)

Iran . tehran

A graduate of Shahid Beheshti University with a 10-year experience in treating all types of cancers.

  • Dr.reza.zarghampour

Activity in the clinic at the address:

1st Clinic: south Chamran highway, not far from Baqerkhan St., corner of Sardasht St., plate 36


Second clinic: Omid Tehran Oncology and Radiotherapy Clinic, first floor


Office at the address: 3rd Floor, Tehran, Pars, 196 St., towards Bagheri, corner of Bagheri St. corner of Taheri St. Tehranpars Medical Complex. first floor. Unit 14

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