Dr. Ramin Kurdi

Dr. Ramin Kordi, sports medicine specialist – non-surgical spine inversion fellowship Faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences – full professor, sports medicine specialist from England, European spine diploma, fellowship in less invasive spine interventions from Stanford University, USA Iran . Tehran education: General Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences Specialization in sports medicine, University of Nottingham, England Spinal Inversion Fellowship, Stanford University, USA Academic degrees: Medical Acupuncture Course, 2005 – Birmingham City Hospital, England Spinal Manipulation Course, Hyde Rehabilitation Center, 2005 – Manchester, England Muscular and skeletal ultrasound, 2004 – University of Oxford, England Living with back pain, 2015, Harvard University, USA Course of interventions and injections with ultrasound control in pain control, 2010 – McGill University, Canada Laser disc course, 2013 – Austria
Research Activities:

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