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Dr. Nasrin Yazdani

Dr. Nasrin Yazdani, ENT surgeon

Iran . Tehran


Academic qualifications: Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology Fellowship

Dr. Nasrin Yazdani was born in Qom in 1351. He completed his primary education in his hometown and in 1370 he was accepted into the medical field of Shahid Beheshti University and in 1377 he succeeded in obtaining a general medical degree. In 1379, they passed the otorhinolaryngology assistant exam of Tehran University, and in 1383, they succeeded in obtaining the specialty board certificate. Due to the excellent performance of Dr. Nasrin Yazdani, she became a member of the faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences as an assistant professor in 1384 and was promoted to the rank of professor in 1390. He has performed more than 10,000 surgeries in the field of ear otology and head, neck and face surgeries and has published more than 40 scientific articles with more than 200 citations in prestigious Iranian and world publications such as Elsevier

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Research Activities:


project title

Examining the frequency of alleles in patients with definite Meniere’s referred to Amir Alam Hospital compared to the group of patients with indeterminate Meniere’s

project title

The effect of “CD44” marker on the prognosis of patients with “SCC” of the tongue

project title

Examining the results of Sacol dysfunction using the “VAMP” test in patients with Meniere’s who referred to Amir Alam Hospital in 1990-1991

project title

Investigating the expression level of the macrophage inhibitory factor “MIF” gene in the blood of Meniere’s patients referred to Amir Alam Hospital in comparison to the control group in 2010-2018

project title

Investigation of mutation-403 G/E of “RENTS” gene in patients with Meniere’s disease in Iranian population


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