Dr. Mohsen Rostami

Dr. Mohsen Rostami, spine surgery fellowship

Iran . Tehran

Dr. Mohsen Rostami is a neurosurgery specialist from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. His specialty history is from 2014 and his subspecialty work history in the field of corrective surgeries for spinal deviations is from 2019. Dr. Rostami is a member of the faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences with the rank of assistant professor. He is the doctor of a large number of international patients and the positive results of the treatment and the satisfaction of the patients after the operation show his mastery and knowledge in the treatment of patients.

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Graduated as a general practitioner from Tehran University in 1384-1392


Obtaining a specialization degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1394-1399


Obtaining a fellowship degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1399-1401


Scientific degrees


Assistant professor – faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Research records:

Percutaneous iliosacral screw insertion with only outlet and inlet fluoroscopic view for unstable pelvic ring injuries: Clinical and radiological outcomes


  1. 2. duction Effectiveness in Non-specific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients using rs-fMRI Functional Connectivity


  1. 3. The Impact of Single-Level Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion on Cervical Sagittal Parameters and Its Correlation with Pain and Functional Outcome of Patients with Neck Pain


  1. 4. Surgical management of a thoracic extradural arachnoid cyst with communication to subarachnoid space through nerve root: a case report


  1. 5. Correction to: Comparison of cervical sagittal parameters among patients with neck pain and healthy controls: a comparative cross-sectional study (European Spine Journal, (2019), 28, 10, (2319-2324), 10.1007/s00586-019- 8-06117)


  1. 6. Outcome of posterior-only approach for severe rigid scoliosis: A retrospective

ve report


  1. 7. Answer to the letter to the editor of Z. He et al. concerning “Comparison of cervical sagittal parameters among patients with neck pain and healthy controls: a comparative cross-sectional study” by Jouibari MF et al. (Eur Spine J; 2019:


  1. 8. Comparison of the recruitment of transverse abdominis through drawing-in and bracing in different core stability training positions


  1. 9. Prevalence of neck pain among athletes: A systematic review


  1. 10. Comparison of surgical outcome between diabetic versus nondiabetic patients after lumbar fusion


  1. 11. Neck pain and low back pain in relation to functional disability in different sports activities

Field of activities


Correction of spinal deviations, back and neck disc surgery, canal and neck stenosis surgery

Honors and awards


– Presenting a speech at the European Spine Society Congress


– Delivering a speech at the Middle East Society Congress


– Teaching Iranian and foreign students, medical assistants and fellowships


Membership in the forums:


– European forum

Spine Society


– Middle East Society


– AO Spine Forum Proficiency in other international languages:



Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


on Saturdays and Mondays

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