Dr. Mohammad Ali Keshvad

Dr. Mohammad Ali Keshvad Orthodontics

Iran . Tehran


Graduated from general dentistry doctorate course – 2015

Graduated from the specialized course of orthodontics and has the specialized board of orthodontics in 2019-2019

Graduated from the MPH course, equivalent to a master’s degree, entering the year 2014


Academic degrees: Faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Honors and awards

The first rank of the orthodontic specialist board in 2019

The first rank for the admission of specialized assistant in 2015

The first rank among the graduates of the General Dentistry Doctoral course in 1989

Rank 26 in the national entrance examination of the experimental field in 2019

Proficiency in other international languages:


Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


on Saturdays and Mondays

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