Dr. Meisham Sharifzadeh

Dr. Maitham Sharifzadeh Special Care Fellowship

Iran . Tehran


Education: Special care fellowship…


Academic degrees: Faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Research Activities:

1- Urine culture obtained from bag specimens & suprapubic aspiration in neonates

Hosseini, eyed Mohammad Milani Ataei, Neamatollah Sharif Zadeh, Maysam Khotaei, Ghamartaj / Journal pediatric infectious disease 4(2009)289-293


2- The book Principles of Ventilator Treatment in the Children’s Special Care Department, written by the PICU team of the Children’s Medical Center. I have been in charge of authoring the basic principles of ventilator therapy, parameters, graphs and modes. This book is under print.


3- Translation of AHA PALS 2011.


4- Practical skills in pediatric medicine. Children’s Medical Center authors group. Autumn 2017. Taimurzadeh Publications. Department of central venous catheterization.


5- Compilation of the danger signs section in the Mana national program


6- Brain on FIRES. Super refractory seizure in a 7-year-old boy

Alireza Tavassoli, Behdad Gharib, Houman

Alizadeh, Amirhossein Farshad Moghaddam,

Sara Memarian, Mahmood Reza Ashrafi,

Meisam Sharifzade* (corresponding author)

January 28, 2016. Iranian journal of Child



7- A repeated disastrous story, innocent childhood curiosity with a horrible result. How long should we wait for child protective legislation?

Caustic agent ingestion (CI) by a 1.5-year-old boy.

Behdad Gharib 1, Masoud Mohammad pour 2, Bahareh Yaghmaie 3*, Meisam Sharif Zadeh 4, Mehrzad Mehdi Zadeh 5, Fatemeh Zamani 6, Ruhollah Edalatkhah 7, Reihaneh Mohseni pour

Acta Medica Iranica 9 Mar 2016


8 – A 15-month-old boy with respiratory distress.

Behdad Gharib 1, Meisam Sharif Zadeh 2, Bahareh Yaghmaie *3, Masoud Mohammad pour 4, Neda Pak 5, Mehrzad Mehdi Zadeh 6

Acta Medica Iranica 9 Mar 2016

9- Investigation of serum 25 OH Vit D level in critically ill children and its relationship with demographic and clinical risk factors.

Bahareh Yaghmaie, Fatemeh Sayari fard, Mohammadreza Modarresi, Masoud Mohammad pour, Meisam Sharif Zadeh, Abbas Hasani / Biomedical Research 2017;28(4):

10-Cerebral Aspergillosis

Moinuddin Safavi; Mehrzad Mehdi Zadeh; Zohreh Habibi; Hossein Alimadadi; Nasir Fakhar; Sepehr Haghighi; Meisam Sharif Zadeh

Arch Iran Med. August 2019;22(8):x-x

11- A Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of Colistin Loading Dose in Critically Ill Children

Shiva Fatehi, Hamid Eshaghi, Meisam Sharif Zadeh, Bahador Mir Rahimi, Mostafa Qorbani, Parin Tanzifi, Kheirollah Gholami, Toktam Faghihi / Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice ¦ Volume 8 ¦ Issue 4 ¦ October-December 2019

12- Atypical and novel presentations of Coronavirus Disease 2019: a case series of three children

MS Ekbatani, SA Hassani, L Tahernia, B Yaghmaei, S Mahmoudi, A Navaeian, M Rostamyan, F Zamani & S Mamishi

13-Caring for the Palliative Care amidst COVID-19 Pandemic / Mamak Tahmasebi, Behdad Gharib, Meisam Sharif Zadeh / Asian Pac J Cancer Care, 5 (Suppl 1), 243-245

14-Fulminant hepatic failure: A rare and devastating manifestation of Coronavirus disease 2019 in an 11-year-old boy. E. Haji Esmail Memar, S. Mamishi, M. Sharif Zadeh Ekbatani, H. Alimadadi, B. Yaghmaei, V. Chegini, S. Janani, S. Mahmoudi / Archives de Pédiatrie Volume 27, Issue 8, November 2020, Pages 502-505

15- COVID-19 and congenital heart disease: a case series of nine children / Elmira Haji Esmail Memar · Babak Pour Akbari · Mujtaba Gorgi · Meisam Sharif Zadeh Ekbatani ·Amene Navaeian · Mahmoud Khodabandeh · Shima Mahmoudi · Setareh Mamishi / (accepted article in “World Journal of Pediatrics”



17- Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) presenting as pneumothorax and neck lymphadenopathy.

Masoud Mohamad pour, Bahareh Yaghmaii, Seyed Abbas Hassani, Meisam Sharif Zadeh, Zeinab Najafi, Anahita Majmaa and Leila Tahernia. J Clin Rev Case Rep, 2020 Volume 5 | Issue 1 | 2 of 3

18- An Algorithmic Approach to Multisystem Inflammatory

Syndrome in Children with COVID-19:

Tehran Children’s Medical Center Protocol /MIS-C COVID-19 Collaborators Groups from Pediatric Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, Intensive Care, Emergency and Cardiology Departments

Received 2020 August 22; Accepted 2020 August 22.

19-Catastrophic Brain Aspergillosis after Liver Transplantation

Mohammad Mahdi Abbasi, Shirin Shams Ardakani, Nasir Fakhar, Hamid Eshaghi, Hossein Alimadadi, Toktam Faghihi, Behdad Gharib, Meisam Sharif Zadeh (C.A.), and Masoumeh Safaei

Hindawi / Case Reports in Transplantation

Volume 2021, Article ID 8626057, 5 pages

20-Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic on Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency

Samaneh Delavari & Hassan Abolhassani & Farhad Abolnezhadian & Fatemeh Babaha & Sara Iranparast5 & Hamid Ahanchian & Nasrin Moazzen & Mohammad Nabawi & Saba Arshi & Murtaza Fallahpour & Mohammad Hassan Bemanian & Sima Shokri & Toba Momen & Mahnaz Sadeghi-Shabestari & Rasool Molatefi & Afshin Shirkani & Ahmad Vosughimotlagh & Molood Safarirad & Meisam Sharif Zadeh & Salar Pashangzadeh & Fereshteh Salami & Paniz Shirmast & Arezou Rezaei & Tannaz Moeini Shad & Mino Mohraz & Nima Rezaei & Lennart Hammarström & Reza Yazdani & Asghar Aghamohamamdi/ Journal of Clinical Immunology (2021) 41:345–355

21-Respiratory failure and quadriplegia in a 4 years old girl with Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevi

Bahareh Yaghmaii, Masoud Mohamad pour, Seyed Abbas Hassani, Meisam Sharif Zadeh, Zeinab Najafi, Anahita Majmaa and Leila Tahernia


Mojdeh Habibi Zoham, Masoud Mohamad pour, Bahareh Yaghmai, Seyed Abbas Hasani, Maysam Sharif Zadeh, Zeinab Najafi / Critical Care Medicine • Volume 48 • Number 1

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