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Dr. Leila Zanjani

Dr. Leila Zanjani, shoulder and elbow surgeons of Iran

Iran . Tehran

1374-1379 middle and high school studies at Farzangan Educational Center in Tehran (National Organization for the Development of Brilliant Talents)

2009 won the national gold medal in the student Olympiad in the field of biology and entered the national team of the student Olympiad

2008 winning the world silver medal in the World Biology Olympiad

1380-1387 studied medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

2004 membership in the National Elite Foundation

2013-2014 Studied in Orthopedics at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

1391-1393 working as a senior resident in the Orthopedic Department of Shariati Hospital

1392 Selected as a model resident in the field of orthopedics in Shariati Hospital

2013, selected as a model resident in the field of orthopedics in Tehran University

1393 won the first place in the national exam of Bard Orthopedics

1397-1398 Paris shoulder surgery fellowship

2014 until now, Assistant Professor of Orthopedics Department, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Tehran – Shariati Hospital

Research Activities:

Articles in the field of cardiology


Proficiency in other international languages:



Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital

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