Dr. Kamran Asadi

Dr. Kamran Asadi

Specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery

Member of the Iranian and American Association of Plastic Surgeons


Dr. Kamran Esadi is a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Relying on their up-to-date knowledge and high skills in their field of expertise; They are known as one of the best cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery doctors in Tehran province who have achieved many successes and honors in this field.

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  • @dr.kamranasadi
  • +982188876226
Introducing the services of Dr. Kamran Asaadi

nose surgery

Eyelid surgery

Chin cosmetic surgery

Face lift surgery

Temple and eyebrow lift surgery

Cheek and chin prosthesis

Fat buccal surgery


Tommy Tuck



Breast prosthesis surgery

Breast lift surgery

Athletic sculpting



Iran – Tehran – Africa Blvd – above the child world – Afra tower – ground floor – number 2


Dr. Kamranasadi

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