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Dr. Hossein Amirzargar

Dr. Hossein Amirzargar, specialist in pediatric urology

Iran . Tehran



Pediatric urology – kidney and urogenital surgery specialist in the fields of


Infertility and impotence in men

Kidney and genitourinary tract surgery

Nervous bladder, urinary reflux, kidney stones

Urinary incontinence, prostate diseases

Abnormalities of the urinary tract and penis

Fetal kidney and urinary tract abnormalities

Sexual ambiguity in children, urology of children and adolescents

Urinary-genital cancers, urinary problems in pregnancy and…

Scientific records


Faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences since 1998

Rank 2 of the national board in 2015 in the field of urology

Graduated in general medicine from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2009

Graduated in Urology from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2015

Postgraduate education: pediatric urology fellowship, from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in 2017

Proficiency in other international languages:



Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


on Saturdays and Mondays

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