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Dr. Arash Sharaft Waziri

Dr. Arash Sharaft Vaziri, knee surgery fellowship (orthopedic) – bone and joint surgeon and specialist in knee surgery, joint replacement and arthroscopy

Iran . Tehran


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Bone and joint surgeon and specialist in knee surgery, joint replacement and arthroscopy

Dr. Arash Sharaft Vaziri, born in 1356, completed his secondary education at Alborz High School and after completing the general medicine course at Azad University of Tehran Medical Unit and obtaining a doctorate degree with a high rank in the field of bone and joint surgery, he was admitted to Tehran University in 1388. Succeeded in obtaining a board degree in bone and joint surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Sharaft Vaziri has been active in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of professional athletes for many years, and since 2008, he has completed numerous courses in the field of sports injuries, arthroscopy and knee joint replacement with prominent professors in this field, and in addition to obtaining a subspecialty degree in knee surgery from In 2016, University of Tehran has succeeded in obtaining three super-specialized fellowship degrees in the field of knee joint replacement from Germany and Austria.

Research Activities:

Articles on Achilles tendonitis; Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment – What is myofascial pain syndrome? – Relationship between exercise and bone health –


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Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


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