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Dr. Ali Mohammad Haji Zainali

Dr. Ali Mohammad Haji Zainali, international specialist in cardiology and endovascularist

Coronary heart angioplasty. Valve valvuloplasty. . Aortic endovascular treatment (EVAR-TEVAR) and (peripheral vessels TAVI).


Iran. Tehran


Education: Cardiology specialist. International cardiology fellowship

Academic degrees:


Full professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Professor)

Proctor (Teacher) International TAVI

Pioneer of aortic endovascular field in Iran

Responsible for advanced training of international cardiology at Tehran Heart Center

Research Activities:

Publication of the country’s first aortic endovascular articles

Printing of TAVI articles – Valve in Valve in the country

Publication of articles (86 articles) in the field of cardiology in ISI English sentences

Publication of 8 books in the field of prevention of heart diseases

Translation of International Cardiology book


Proficiency in other international languages:




Honors and awards:


Performing an operation for the first time in the world (Apico-Aortic Conduit valve in valve)

2 times winner of the first prize of the Middle East Heart and Vascular Congress in Shiraz and Kish

The first international TAVI Prector in Iran


Iran’s first aortic endovascular Prector

Activities in hospitals: Yas Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Baharlu Hospital


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