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Dr. Ali Abbasi

Dr. Ali Abbasi, otolaryngologist

Iran . Tehran


Doctorate in General Medicine – Specialization: Professional Doctorate – Institution/University: Islamic Azad University of Tehran 2011

Internal Medicine- Tehran University of Medical Sciences- 2014-2015

Cardiovascular specialist – Iran University of Medical Sciences 2018


International Adult Cardiology Fellowship – Tehran University of Medical Sciences – 2016


International Adult Cardiology Fellowship – Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Academic degrees:


Member of the academic faculty of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, since April 2018

Head of Heart Department – Shariati Hospital – Tehran – Cooperation started from July 1401

Member of the committee to investigate the side effects of corona vaccination – Tehran Shariati Hospital – Tehran – cooperation started from April 1400


Member of the promotion committee of the educational department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, co-operation started in Shahrivar 1401


Head of Assistant Department of Cardiovascular Diseases – Shariati Hospital – Tehran – Mehr 1400 – July 1401


Member of Patient Safety Committee – Tehran Shariati Hospital – Tehran – April 1399 – March 1400


Head of Cardiac Emergency Department, Shariati Hospital, Tehran, August 1397 – July 1400


Member of the faculty – Kashan University of Medical Sciences – Isfahan, Kashan – November 2008 – September 2015


Head of echo department – sports test – Shahid Beheshti Kashan Hospital – Isfahan, Kashan – 1395 – 1392


Head of POSTCATH Department – Shahid Beheshti Kashan Hospital – Isfahan, Kashan

Research Activities:


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