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Dr. Afsana Tehranian

Dr. Afshana Tehranian

Women’s Oncology Fellowship

Iran. Tehran

Education: Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, Gynecology Oncology Fellowship

Academic degrees:

1353-1359: secondary education in the field of experimental sciences, Tehran

1363-1368: General Medicine Course, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

1368-1372: Specialized course in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Gynecological and midwifery ultrasound training course, Iran University of Medical Sciences


Medical education fellowship course, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Honors and awards

Appreciation at the 5th Ibn Sina Festival for authoring the book “Ovarian Cancer; How to surgically treat early ovarian epithelial cancers”, Golban Publications, 1981

Appreciated as a professor and model doctor of Arash Women’s Hospital in 2015

Appreciation as a professor and exemplary doctor of Arash Women’s Hospital in 1400


Activity in Bharlo hospitals. Yas Hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospital

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