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Doctor Afshan Shah

afshan shah

Doctor Afshan Shah

Dr. Afshan Shah is one of the most well-known experts in the field of cosmetic surgery consultation services in Iran, with more than 5,000 thousand successful cosmetic surgery consultations in the fields of abdominoplasty, mammoplasty, liposuction, BBL, hair transplant, rhinoplasty, to beauty seekers. Shah works as the head of surgical teams in cooperation with the most skilled surgeons in the field of cosmetic surgery. By consulting with Dr. Afshan Shah, you can guarantee the quality of your cosmetic services.

General physician , Shahed university, Tehran, Iran 1997- 2004. Certificate of skin care from maple institute from Canada 2004. certificate of laser and IPL from 2010. certificate of acupuncture for cosmetic  , tahran university, Tehran, Iran 2015 – 2016.

Date of Birth: 01/07/1977
Address:2flor,19building, valiaser street,Tehran,Iran.

Instagram : afshan_clinic
Whats up : +989125469709
Email : afshanshah77@gmail.com

Skills and work experience

Work as a cosmetic doctor in afshan private cosmetic clinic 2004- 2016. Work as a member of pain clinic in neuroscience center in Tehran, Iran.


Dr. Afshan Shah

Dr. Afshan Shah is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Iran. She graduated from Shahed University of Medical Science in 2004.

Dr. Afshan Shah has published numerous medical articles and produced many podcasts, and educational videos. She has mostly performed cosmetic surgeries, including Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Liposuction, Lipomatic, BBl, Breast reduction and augmentation, Breast lift and to name but a few. She also works with many doctors as a member of their team in the field of hair transplant (FUE and FUT methods), facial mesotherapy, facial angulation, PRP, etc.

The Following Are Among Some Of Her Managerial Experiences:

  • She was the former director of the IPD department at Pastor no hospital and is currently the director of Afshan Clinic. Her interest in medical science and her artistic taste, as well as her numerous studies and surgeries have made her a renowned surgeon in this field.

    Her efforts to fulfill the patients’ wishes and the satisfactory result of the operation, as well as minimizing the complications of surgery, have made patients extremely happy. Free postoperative examinations have also doubled patients’ satisfaction.

  • Certificates:

    Certificate of laser and IPL, Canada, 2010.

    . Certificate of acupuncture for cosmetic, Tehran University of medical science, Tehran, 2016.

    Certificate of skin care, maple institute, Canada, 2004.

Video sample of Dr. Afshan Shah


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