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Dental composite

Dental composite

Dental composite

Everything about dental composite

Who is the best Dental composite in Iran?
Dental composite:

Beautiful teeth have a very special effect on the face and the beauty of the smile increases the attractiveness of the face to a great extent. Many people go for dental composite skirts for more beauty and also to match the color and shape of their teeth. The use of composites, in addition to being durable and long-lasting, makes cosmetic dental treatments easier and, as a result, the treatment can be performed in a shorter period of time at a lower cost.


In the following, we will review and introduce dental composite, and we will also give some tips about the complications of dental composite, its price, and other issues related to “dental composite”.

Dental composite

What is dental composite?

Composites are one of the most widely used materials in dentistry. Dental composite is a paste-like material that the dentist uses to repair broken, decayed, cracked or blackened teeth.



You should note that any composite cannot be used in dental aesthetics due to its white color and strength. Also, composite materials must have the ability to rebuild layer by layer, and at the same time, its strength and polishing ability should be excellent, shiny and natural.

What is dental veneer composite?


One of the types of dental composites is called veneer composite, which is mostly used for aesthetics and is used for front teeth that are spaced apart or that have suffered from lip protrusion. With this beauty tool, the face undergoes significant changes.


Composite veneer treatment beautifies and whitens teeth. Of course, this type of composite is done without any grinding on the tooth; Therefore, with this method, no damage is done to the teeth. Sometimes, this method can also be called immediate orthodontics.


The new generation of beautiful composites, in addition to their high strength, do not have any porosity and give a very good polish, and their lifespan also increases. Veneers are made of tooth-colored materials and correct the color of discolored teeth. Also, they fix teeth problems.


After the doctor’s examination, this paste material is placed on the tooth by the dentist without the need to prepare it in the laboratory, with the help of a very sensitive technique and according to the color of the tooth. Then, lights with a specific wavelength are shone on it, which strengthens the material and after polishing, it gets a shape similar to the texture and shape of the tooth

Dental composite
Procedures for “Dental Composite”


In short, the dental composite process takes place in 6 steps:


  1. Before anything, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned to prepare a clean, calculus-free surface for placing the composite.


  1. After cleaning the teeth, they are completely dry and clean; So that there are no traces of moisture, blood and saliva on the teeth.



  1. In the next step, using acidic materials, they make the front surface of the tooth porous. This work is very effective in sticking the composite veneer. By making the surface of the tooth porous, everything is prepared for the placement of the composite.



  1. At this stage, special glue is applied on the surface of the tooth. Then, the composite paste material is gently placed on it. The amount of material has been changed so much that the desired result is obtained.


  1. The dentist activates and hardens the uses by using a light beam that has a special wavelength and irradiating it to the veneer composite.



  1. Finally, the appropriate and desired shape of the tooth is made by polishing the composite.




How to care for composite teeth


You can prolong the life of composite teeth by observing the following points:


  • Brush your teeth regularly.


It is better to use dental floss; Because the toothbrush alone does not have the ability to clean all the spaces between the teeth.


  • Note that eating hard food may damage the composite teeth and wear the teeth.


  • Brush your teeth after eating foods with colored ingredients such as: tea, coffee and other foods; Because composites, like teeth, have the ability to absorb color and change color. Of course, you should absolutely avoid consuming these substances for 48 hours after the composite.


  • Use the mouthwash recommended by the dentist; Because some mouthwashes may change the color of composites.


  • Avoid using tobacco such as cigarettes, pipes and hookahs; Because they can affect the color of the composite.


  • In order to check and examine the teeth, visit the dentist at the recommended time intervals.

Disadvantages of dental composite


  1. 1. Sometimes, it is necessary to replace the composite due to reasons such as: not taking the necessary care or the quality of the composite is low.


  1. 2. The amount of gloss and shine in some composites is less, but methods can be used to increase the gloss and shine.


  1. 3. After the composite, more attention should be paid to health and behavioral issues.


. Other disadvantages of dental composites include the possibility of stains and color changes in composites. Of course, you can fix them by polishing your teeth.


In dental composite, if the teeth are shaved, the tooth enamel is damaged; So it is better to prefer the health of our teeth to the beauty of our teeth.


Complications of dental composite:


Due to the characteristics of the composite and also the lack of need to shave the teeth, doing this has almost no complications. Of course, if a person does not pay attention to the necessary care or the composite is used incorrectly, it carries risks.


If the composite is not well placed on the tooth, it will cause swelling and gum damage. One of the main side effects of composite teeth is swelling and gum damage. If you see swelling in the gums, see your dentist immediately so that he can perform the necessary treatment as soon as possible.


If the dental composite is used incorrectly, it will cause complications such as: tooth destruction, loosening, wear, damage to the gums and problems in the jaw joint.


As you know, every procedure has side effects, and dental composite is no exception. But if you go to a specialist and skilled doctor for treatment, the dentist will also use the best type of composite to treat your teeth, we can safely say that this procedure will not have any side effects.


According to the mentioned explanations, this treatment is performed without shaving the teeth; Therefore, it is considered among the harmless and risk-free methods.

Dental composite
Dental composite
Dental composite

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