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Chin prosthesis

Chin prosthesis

Chin prosthesis

Chin prosthesis

All about chin prosthesis surgery

Who is the best Chin prosthesis surgeon in Iran?
Since the chin plays a very important role in the beauty and symmetry between the facial parts, chin prosthesis surgery is also a suitable option for people who feel that their chin does not fit with other parts of the face. Therefore, this surgery has a special place among men and especially women today. This surgery can include chin enlargement from the method of placing facial implants or chin reduction surgery for people who do not like their jaw to be prominent in their profile.

Here, we are trying to familiarize you with the nature of this surgery as well as the recovery period after it, so that you can make the best decision with full knowledge.

Chin prosthesis

What is chin prosthesis surgery?

As mentioned, chin prosthesis improves the fit of the face by changing the dimensions of the chin, which includes surgery to shrink the chin and enlarge it. In this surgery, the doctor enlarges the small chin by increasing its dimensions or protrusion to improve facial coordination. Although chin surgery is a minor surgical procedure, it has a significant impact on a person’s appearance.


How to perform chin prosthesis surgery


Since we are going to examine all aspects of this surgery, it is better to learn more about how to perform this surgery:


What happens during chin prosthesis surgery?


First, before the surgery, the face and chin are photographed and X-rays are taken. By performing this test, the doctor can determine the areas that need surgery. Sometimes, only a small change and a small volume increase in the chin area is needed. In these cases, the doctor can increase the volume of the chin by using silicone prostheses or bone grafting in this area. The type of prosthesis used and the brand used are selected according to various factors.

During surgery, an incision is made inside the mouth or outside the face and under the chin. A hole is created in the front of the chin bone and under the muscles of this area and the prosthesis is placed. The incision is closed with appropriate stitches and a bandage is used to protect the area. The scar caused by this surgery is hardly visible.

Surgery to fix chewing problems can be done at the same time as this surgery.


This surgery will cause the following:


Increasing chin protrusion

Increasing the width of the chin

Hiding in secret

Increasing vertical chin elevation

Reducing or eliminating the depression of the muscle in the chin

Matching and harmony in the whole face




Chin prosthesis
Who is chin prosthesis surgery suitable for?


The question that may have occupied many people’s minds in this matter is who really needs this type of surgery and is suitable for it. In the following, we have named some people who are candidates for this surgery.


People who have receded chin.

People with a sharp or square chin

People who have a prominent nose.

Those who have a fleshy neck.

People who have perfect physical health do not have a medical history of certain diseases.

People who use tobacco and alcohol are not suitable for this surgery.


Those who do not have any of the mentioned problems should consult a medical expert in this field for advice before making their decision.

Advantages of chin prosthesis surgery


Below we have introduced some of the advantages of this facial surgery:


Corrects defects in the face better and more precisely.

Technically, it is easier than other similar methods.

It is more economical.

It has a shorter recovery period.

Its side effects are extremely less.


Complications of chin prosthesis surgery


Complications of this surgery are very rare, but like any other surgery, it can have risks. During the consultation, the doctor discusses all these side effects with the patient. The most common side effects of this surgery include the following:

– bruises

– Moving the prosthesis

– swelling


Necessary measures after chin prosthesis surgery


In this section, we have reviewed some of the necessary and needed measures for the patient after surgery, which will speed up the recovery process:


It is better to apply a cold compress to the affected area regularly for three days after the surgery.

Rest and avoid any physical activity for a few days.

One day after the surgery, you can easily shower and wash your face.

If there is pain, you can use acetaminophen.

If you use any other medicine, consult your doctor first.

Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time and at the time mentioned.

It is better to observe food intake for the first 24 hours and only use watery foods such as soup, soup, etc. Also, try to avoid opening and closing your mouth in the early days.

Sleep with your face up for two weeks after surgery. This procedure helps to heal swellings and surgical scars.

Don’t worry if your face becomes swollen because it will go away in a short time.


Chin prosthesis


last word


This type of surgery can be a suitable choice for those who care about their beauty in addition to their health, considering the advantages it provides to patients as well as the cost-effectiveness it has for them.

For this reason, chin prosthesis surgery can be an easy solution to return the beauty of your face shape. So, if you are very interested in making your face more beautiful and aligning your facial parts with each other, this surgery is the best option for you

Chin prosthesis
Chin prosthesis

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