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Everything about body sculpting

Who is the best rhinoplasty body sculpting in Iran?
Body shaping is done with the aim of slimming and reducing size in different parts of the body (abdomen and sides). Sculpting is used early to change the shape of the body. In this procedure, the specialist doctor drains the fats and performs surgery for the desired body shape for the clients. In the rest of this article, what is sculpture and how is it done? Who are the right candidates for this procedure? We will also talk about the side effects of body contouring surgery and the risks of this operation, so stay tuned.


body sculpting

What is sculpting?

In the past, due to the lack of advanced medical facilities, people who were looking for weight loss and a beautiful body could reach their ideal body only by using different diets, which was difficult for many people to tolerate. But today, with the advancement of medical science, there are many operations, including body contouring, which has made it easier to achieve a beautiful body.


In fact, body shaving is a surgical operation, in which people who have localized obesity can use body shaving to remove excess fat and achieve their desired fitness.


This operation does not require anesthesia in most of the methods, and patients will be operated on in some parts of the body under local anesthesia. The recovery period usually lasts up to a week, and after that, none of the side effects of surgery can be seen in the patient. Abdominal contouring is performed in several ways, and we will introduce each of them below.


Belly and side sculpting


Accumulation of fats is observed mostly in the abdomen and sides. There are many factors that cause weight gain. Among these, we can mention improper nutrition, inactivity and genetic problems. This surgery helps people achieve their ideal body despite having difficult and difficult diets or heavy exercise programs.


Complications of body sculpting


Complications of body sculpting have been observed between one and two percent of clients. These possible complications include the following:


. Skin infections

. inflammation

. Bleeding

. Nerve damage


The BMI of the client’s body should not be more than 30. In such a situation, the possibility of complications will increase. These people are not significantly overweight and can achieve their ideal body by doing sports and short-term diets. As a result, the doctor will not agree to perform this operation.


Before the sculpting operation


Review your medical history. Be prepared to answer questions about current and past medical conditions. Talk about any medications you are taking or have recently taken, as well as any surgeries you have had.


Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medicine. If your desire for surgery is related to weight loss, your doctor will likely ask detailed questions about your weight gain and loss.

Do a physical examination. Your doctor will examine your abdomen to determine your treatment options. It may also take pictures of your abdomen for medical records.

Discuss your expectations. Explain why you want a tummy tuck, and what you hope for in terms of appearance after the procedure. Make sure you understand the benefits and risks, including scarring.


The difference between body contouring and lipomatics


Lipomatics is one of the best body contouring methods to achieve the desired and suitable shape of the body, and the features of this surgery include:


Getting rid of excess body fat at high speed

No need to make incisions in the abdomen or different parts of the body

. Making a hole and inserting a rod to remove the fat

. The removed fats are used for other parts of the body for volume.


The fat removed in this method will be injected into different areas of the body such as the chest and hips. In some cases, they shape the fat in the abdominal areas to create a sports six pack.


Body sculpting is not effective for treating obesity! Rather, it is done to reduce fats in different areas of the body. If genetic factors are involved in your weight gain, you can lose weight by doing this procedure. In the next steps, stop the process of gaining weight again.

body sculpting
Different methods of sculpting are:


. Liposuction


. liposuction

. lipolyzer

. Mammoplasty

. Abdominoplasty

. Brachioplasty

. Lift run

. Hip lift

. Water jet or air jet

In general, people who can’t achieve their desired fitness despite exercise and diet, can go to the doctor and undergo body contouring.


By performing this procedure, excess body fat is lost in a short period of time and no damage is done to the vessels, nerves and internal organs of the body.


The point that you should pay attention to is that body shaping is not for weight loss and is mostly done to remove localized fat and reduce the volume of different body organs.


Therefore, doctors always recommend that people reach and stabilize their ideal weight with exercise and healthy nutrition; Then proceed to perform body contouring.

What is lipomatic body contouring like?


One of the most popular body contouring methods is lipomatic body contouring. This method is also called fat removal.


In this method, stubborn fats that have accumulated in the abdomen, sides, thighs, hips, etc., are extracted from the body using a small tube called a cannula. This fat can be refined and injected into different parts of the body.


The cannulas are connected to a strong suction device and by creating negative pressure and strong suction, they cause the fats to be extracted from the body.


In lipomatics, in addition to the vibrating movements of the tube causing fat to be crushed, ultrasonic waves are also used. When these waves collide with fat tissue, they destroy fat cells and turn them into liquid, which makes it easier to remove fat. In general, with the same pattern, these fats will be destroyed.


This work makes the work much easier for the surgeon and the accuracy of the work is also higher. In the lipomatic operation, the vessels and nerves adjacent to the fat tissue will not be damaged, and the appearance of the operation will be accurate and uniform.


It can be said that today, this surgery is very common and many people are applying for it.


Lipomatic surgery is a safe procedure that helps the health of the body by removing fats from the body. Because by extracting fats, the risk of fatty liver disease is also reduced. All stages of this operation are performed under local anesthesia and in rare cases anesthesia may be used.


The durability of this operation also depends on several factors. If the patient can live a healthy lifestyle and keep his weight stable, the result of this surgery will be permanent.


What is the difference between liposuction and liposuction?

Both of these operations are a subset of sculpting and refer to the removal of excess fat in the body; But in liposuction, fats are destroyed using heat and can no longer be used.


Meanwhile, in lipomatics, the extracted fats are crushed by physical movements, and as a result, they are living cells that can be re-injected after purification.




How is abdominoplasty body contouring performed?


In the procedure of abdominal beauty or abdominoplasty, unlike lipomatics, incisions are made on the abdomen. This procedure is performed to tighten the abdominal tissues and remove excess skin and fat.


The procedure is that long incisions are made in the lower abdomen and the upper part of the pubic area.

Using the created incisions, the doctor removes excess tissue and fat from the abdomen using a surgical blade or a thermal cutter and stitches the muscles of the abdominal wall closer to each other. The excess skin of the abdomen is also removed and the navel is sutured in the specified place.


This sculpting method is suitable for people who have a sagging and loose stomach. This cosmetic procedure is invasive and is performed under anesthesia; Therefore, pre- and post-operative care is very important.


Even though this operation has its own risks like any other surgery; But if the doctor has enough skill and experience, the complications and risks of this operation will be minimized; Therefore, people who want to do this surgery should be very careful in choosing a doctor.


Abdominoplasty surgery with abdominoplasty method

In this method, the fats do not have the necessary quality to be injected into other parts of the body. The amount of liquid is determined by the doctor’s diagnosis based on the physical condition of the person and the amount of excess weight.


. Accumulation of fluid under the skin (seroma)

Drainage tubes in place after surgery can help reduce the risk of excess fluid. The doctor may also remove fluids using needles and syringes.


. Delayed wound healing


Sometimes areas of the body along the incision line heal very little or begin to separate. You may be prescribed antibiotics during and after surgery to prevent infection. Scarring and fissures are sometimes permanent, but along the bikini line they are easily hidden. The length and visibility of scars varies from person to person.


.tissue damage or death

Fatty tissue deep in your skin in the abdominal area is damaged or dies. Smoking increases this risk. Depending on the size of the area, the tissue may heal on its own or require a reconstructive surgical procedure.


. Change in skin feel


Abdominal tissue repositioning can rarely affect the nerves in the abdomen and upper thighs. You will likely experience decreased sensation or numbness. This usually decreases in the months after the operation. Like any other type of surgery, tummy tucks carry the risk of bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.


  1. 1. The patient is completely unconscious during the operation
  2. 2. Two incisions will be made in 2 different parts of the body with appropriate distance
  3. 3. One incision in the pelvic region near the genital area and another incision in the center of the abdomen above the navel
  4. 4. The loose skin of the desired area is cut and pushed away from the muscle
  5. 5. Finally, the skin on both sides is stitched together




Suitable candidates for body contouring


People who cannot tolerate long and hard diets

Those who have joint problems and are not able to exercise

People who were in the recovery period and became obese due to inactivity

People who suffer from depression and are not satisfied with their physical condition after treatment


Important note


In some people, it is difficult to achieve an ideal body by doing sports and following a proper diet. Fats may not be lost in different areas of the body and cause disproportion in different areas of the body. The best way for these loved ones will be body sculpting.


On the other hand, some clients have normal physique and there is no need to perform this surgery for them. Contrary to the insistence of these clients, the diagnosis of the need for this weight loss and fitness method is made only with the diagnosis and approval of a specialist doctor.


This procedure has therapeutic aspects for people with a BMI above 40. Because these people suffer from obesity and this amount will no longer be considered overweight.




Is lipomatic or liposuction better?


Lipost is one of the new generations of lipomatic devices and drains more fats. In general, it is not significantly different from lipomatics, and it is the same fat removal with a newer device.


Who is the best candidate for body contouring?


The best candidates for body contouring are people who, despite being at an ideal weight, have excess fat in a part or parts of their body. This fat can be in the abdomen, hips, sides, thighs, etc. Of course, people who apply for surgery must be physically and mentally healthy.




How much time should pass after giving birth to be able to perform body contouring surgery?


Pregnancy causes mothers to lose their fitness. This excess weight and body sagging can be seen in the abdomen, sides, thighs and breasts. Several causes, including weight gain and breastfeeding, will cause this issue. This pleasant experience of becoming a mother is accompanied by body deformation.


Mothers can perform surgery when the breastfeeding period is over. In such a situation, their physical condition will be ready to perform body sculpting. This issue will not cause any disturbance in the re-pregnancy of loved ones. It should be noted that with a second pregnancy, if required by loved ones, body sculpting should be repeated. Because the skin will sag.

The best body contouring doctor in Tehran




A good bodybuilding doctor should have each of these characteristics.


. Obtaining official licenses from the Ministry of Health and activity license

. Dedicated and sanitary rooms for surgery

. Use of modern equipment

. Specialist medical staff and experienced doctors

. Free specialized surgical consultation




What will it look like after body sculpting?


After body sculpting, the goal is to achieve the ideal body of the client. At the end of this procedure, the body will be fit and the body will be more shapely.



How much does body contouring cost?


There are many factors that make the costs of this surgery variable. Remember that the main parameter to consider when choosing a surgeon is the level of expertise and skill of the surgeon and not the lower salary.


The total cost of your bodybuilding will be spent on several expenses. The cost of body contouring is determined based on the area under surgery, the number of areas, the skill of the surgeon, side costs and operating room costs. If you need to be hospitalized, the costs will increase.



This operation does not require anesthesia in most of the methods and the clients will be operated on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia in parts of the body. The recovery period usually lasts up to a week, and after that, none of the side effects of the surgery can be seen in the patient. Abdominal and side body contouring is done in several ways.

Body sculpting is not effective for treating obesity! Rather, it is done to reduce fats in different areas of the body. If genetic factors are involved in your weight gain, you can lose weight by doing this procedure. In the next steps, stop the process of gaining weight again.


This procedure has therapeutic aspects for people with a BMI above 40. Because these people suffer from obesity and this amount will no longer be considered overweight




body sculpting
body sculpting
body sculpting

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