Everything about blepharoplasty (eyelid drooping surgery)

Who is the best Blepharoplasty surgeon in Iran?
Blepharoplasty or drooping eyelid surgery is a surgery to improve appearance and beauty and solve problems caused by drooping eyelids. Eyelid blepharoplasty surgery can be performed on the upper and lower eyelids and is performed to solve problems such as drooping eyelids, sebaceous glands, and muscle and muscle appendages.


The purpose of performing blepharoplasty can be different because some people do it just to improve their appearance, but others lose their vision due to excessive drooping of the eyelid or swelling due to fat deposits and muscles inside the eyelid tissue. They will suffer from disorders, in such cases, blepharoplasty will have a therapeutic aspect in addition to beauty.



The effect of blepharoplasty on people’s beauty

Blepharoplasty can be used for different cases and as mentioned, it will have different aspects, as a result of blepharoplasty surgery, it can be used for cases such as tightening or loss of elasticity of the skin, which will cause many wrinkles. .


In some cases, in the lower eyelids, the presence of extra muscles and muscles in the tissue will cause the eyelids to relax and can lead to the formation of eye bags under the eyelids, which will have an unpleasant appearance. Blepharoplasty surgery can also be used to improve problems in cases such as reducing the angle of vision and excessive drooping of the eyelid.


In some cases, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is also known as eye and eyelid lift, because in this method, the excess edges of the eyelid will be removed and the excess skin will be removed, and again we will see stitches in the eyelid and eye line to heal the wounds. As it was said, according to the therapeutic uses of blepharoplasty, the main reason for people’s desire for this surgery is the results to improve their appearance and beauty.


Of course, blepharoplasty will not eliminate all wrinkles and crow’s feet lines under the eyes, but it can be used as a supplement along with beauty procedures such as fat and gel injections to get more desirable results.


Benefits of eyelid blepharoplasty surgery


As we age, we see that the skin of the body loses its softness and elasticity. As a result, we will see that the skin of the body loosens a little and will cause wrinkles and an unpleasant appearance. The loss of skin softness causes changes in one of the most complex tissues of the body, the eyelids, which are made entirely of skin.


These changes can be accompanied by wrinkles and loosening of the skin of the eyelids, which will lead to problems such as drooping of the eyelids that will occur in the upper or lower eyelids, and one of the best and most basic solutions for this issue is blepharoplasty.


Therefore, according to the mentioned cases, it can be concluded that the blepharoplasty cosmetic operation will be used to lift the eyelid and remove drooping, remove excess fat from the eyelid tissue or muscles and tissues, eye bags under the lower eyelid, etc.


Suitable candidate for blepharoplasty


Usually, any person after reaching the legal age can perform blepharoplasty, but always in such circumstances, from the point of view of medical and beauty experts, only some people have the best conditions to perform blepharoplasty.


In most cases, cosmetic doctors are of the opinion that people with normal physical conditions who do not have any specific diseases can be one of the best candidates for blepharoplasty if they have a proper and realistic vision of the results.


Most of the people who perform blepharoplasty are usually over 35 years old, but if the issue of bags under the eyes that contain fat glands and extra tissues is a hereditary issue in your family, this operation can be performed at a younger age and in addition to the beauty of the aspects It will also have a cure. Blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery can change your appearance in an incredible way and increase your beauty and self-confidence.


But if you think that you have doubts about the results of blepharoplasty and you will check the results very strictly, it is better to consult with your cosmetologist before performing the blepharoplasty procedure so that the goals after the operation are well defined and all The desired points will be provided to you, as a result, your decision or perspective on blepharoplasty may change a little.




The duration of the results of blepharoplasty


Regarding the results of blepharoplasty and their durability, it should be mentioned that it is also possible to perform blepharoplasty without surgery and similar results can be obtained using methods such as blepharoplasty with plasma jet or eye lift, but because blepharoplasty in The principle is a surgical procedure, the results of which will last for at least 7 to 10 years and rarely need to be repeated.


In blepharoplasty, waste material will be completely removed by making incisions and excess skin will be removed, and then stitches will be applied again to close the wound, which will increase the durability of eyelid cosmetic surgery because there is no temporary solution in this direction. Not used.


Preparations before eyelid cosmetic surgery


Blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery, like any other operation, requires preparation, so keep in mind that in order to be fully prepared before eyelid surgery, it is better to remember some points carefully because it can affect your treatment and recovery process. be Considering that blepharoplasty surgery is performed in the area of eyelids and eyes, it is better to have someone present as your companion during the operation to accompany you home after discharge, try to rest at home for the duration of your stay. Be prepared to pay in advance. For example, prepare and mark your resting place well and store the food that will be prepared in a shorter time in your refrigerator so that you can use it when necessary.


Try to always have a cold compress, sterile gases and eye drops next to your resting place because you may have to change your dressing or use eye drops or artificial tears due to dry eyes.


To prevent infection and bleeding during surgery and recovery, stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements such as aspirin and warfarin for a few weeks. Aspirin and its derivatives, because they are some kind of anti-coagulant drugs, make the blood flow thinner and more intense, and this will increase the possibility of bleeding.




Consultation before blepharoplasty surgery

Usually, before any surgery, having a consultation session can be very important and inform the patient about the upcoming operation from all aspects. The patient’s awareness of all aspects of the operation can make him spend a better recovery period, and this issue will even have an effect on the results, because it makes the patient wait for the results after recovery with a realistic perspective.

Also, counseling sessions will make the right decisions to be made by the specialist doctor and the patient, the cosmetologist can choose the correct procedure and better drugs for the operation by considering all the medical evaluations and tests performed, and also the patient can answer all his questions. bring up and proceed with sufficient information about performing blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery.

Some of the questions that will be exchanged between the specialist doctor and the patient in the consultation session are as follows.

The level of experience of a cosmetic surgeon in performing blepharoplasty

The suitability of the patient’s conditions for upper and lower eyelid surgery

All medical records and medications used by the patient

The duration of blepharoplasty recovery and points needed for recovery

Possible side effects and dangers and ways to avoid them

The location of blepharoplasty surgery and the methods used


The method of performing blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery

The first question that is asked about how to perform blepharoplasty is related to the time and duration of surgery. If you want to perform cosmetic surgery on both upper and lower eyelids at the same time, usually the surgery may take up to 3 hours.

According to the diagnosis of your specialist doctor, local anesthesia and sedation will be used so that you do not feel pain during the operation. General anesthesia should be used as an alternative to local anesthesia, which in most cases is injected intravenously. In the first stage, the natural line of the eyelids is cut to be used as a way for the penetration of medical instruments, and the beautician can use this cut to remove all the excess fat, muscles and extra tissues, and then considering that An incision made exactly on the natural line of the eyelid can easily close the wound with small stitches.

The use of fine and small sutures in the area of the eyelid line can make traces and scars not be seen after the surgery and does not affect the appearance of the person and his eyelid. Extra muscles and tissues will be removed from inside the eyelids with very thin needles, although in the lower eyelids, stitches may not be needed depending on the method used. The stitches resulting from blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery will remain between 3 and 8 days and then will be removed according to the order of your specialist doctor to remove all the effects of blepharoplasty and leave no signs of the operation. The results of blepharoplasty will be visible immediately after the operation, although some swelling and bruising may be observed, so as a result, a little patience is needed to see the final results until this bruising and swelling are resolved.


Recovery period after blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery

One of the most important stages of any surgery, both cosmetic and therapeutic, is the recovery period, because the recovery period will allow us to see what the results are like. In some cases, the tips and instructions provided by a specialist doctor for the recovery period can accelerate the recovery. The process of improvement and great results.

With regard to the mentioned point, be careful that if you are given the necessary tips by your specialist, implement them step by step so that you can get the results you want and be satisfied with your recovery process. As it was said, the results of blepharoplasty are almost permanent and will last very well.

However, the swelling and bruising caused by the surgery will usually remain between 10 and 14 days and will be resolved over time, but slight swellings may exist for several months, which, of course, will not be apparent and will not disturb your beauty. During blepharoplasty surgery, try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 2 weeks. For this, you can use sunglasses and sunscreen.

To prevent temporary bleeding, avoid taking herbal and anti-inflammatory supplements such as aspirin and warfarin. Also, to avoid slowing down the healing process, avoid smoking and using tobacco. The most important thing about cosmetic surgeries, especially blepharoplasty, is to follow your specialist’s instructions carefully so that you can spend a comfortable recovery period and get the desired results. Get yours.


Complications and possible risks of eyelid cosmetic surgery

Like any other surgery, blepharoplasty can also cause some complications or bring risks, but in the meantime there is a very important point, and that point is that due to the sufficient information about blepharoplasty surgery. Side effects and risks are usually rare.

To reduce the possibility of side effects after blepharoplasty, one of the most important points is to choose an experienced and skilled cosmetologist. A skilled cosmetic doctor can make the right choices based on his experience and reduce the possibility of any errors.

Choosing a suitable doctor can allow you to safely perform blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery and not worry about any side effects because to a large extent all possible side effects and risks can be prevented and a skilled and experienced beautician from all prevention methods. And the points required are aware.

However, we are going to briefly list some of the side effects of blepharoplasty that are rarely reported, although it should be noted again that all these side effects will happen rarely and you can reduce the possibility of them by choosing an experienced doctor. Significantly reduce these complications to zero.

1- Risks caused by anesthesia and local anesthesia that can be well controlled by doctor’s evaluations

2- Dry eyes and skin, which can be easily solved by using moisturizing creams and eye drops.

3- Pain and swelling caused by blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery, which largely depends on the expertise and skill of the specialist doctor, but to reduce these problems, you can also use a cold compress during the recovery period.

4- One of the rarest events after blepharoplasty cosmetic surgery is the occurrence of skin infections, which the surgeon, due to his sufficient experience, can prevent the occurrence of such risks, so pay attention to the role of the surgeon in your recovery process, the recovery period, and also the results of blepharoplasty. It will be very bold.



The cost of blepharoplasty

The costs of a treatment process will always be of concern to people and applicants because it can play a significant role in their decision, and as a result, the costs of blepharoplasty will also be of concern to patients. It is never possible to determine a fixed price and cost for cosmetic surgery because there are many factors that can affect the final costs. For example, regarding the cost of blepharoplasty, things such as the level of expertise and experience of the cosmetic surgeon, the location of the surgery, the cost of prescriptions and drugs prescribed for anesthesia and post-operative relief, the cost of assistants and the tests performed can affect the final costs.


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