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Zahra Almahmud
Patient of Treata

The patient of a 3 years old child with congenital heart disease was Trita.
This patient had requested treatment from Germany and Turkey before contacting us for treatment
Due to the very high risk of surgery and life expectancy after surgery, less than 10% of Germany refused to perform this surgery, and in Turkey, due to the high cost and the possibility of very successful surgery, the surgery was not performed.
The patient underwent initial examinations at the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Center, and Jesse successfully performed the patient’s surgical tests.
At present, more than 6 months have passed since the patient’s surgery and the child is in good condition.

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Dr. Hasan Rashki
Treata Treatment Manager

In this video, explanations are provided about this patient’s surgery, and in the continuation of the video, the patient’s parents express their opinion about our company.

Explanation About Surgery

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