Ancient medicine books and documents refer to a medicine called treata.This is the first medical doctor who has undergone surgery in Iran's mythical history more than 5,000 years ago and has founded the SAENAMARAGHA Medical School, the oldest medical school in Iran and the world.Trita also has full awareness of the medicinal effects of various herbs and their own.Today, all scholars believe that the English word treatment means treating, treating and caring for the proud and famous name of this Iranian doctor of medicine in Poland.

Treata Medical Tourism :

If you are investigating and providing healthcare services in other countries (medical tourism),
you are likely to go on websites that claim to provide all of your medical travel services.
On these websites, you will get acquainted with companies that usually have a list of health centers, including hospitals, clinics, paraclinics, doctors as well as other services needed by patients,
including travel and tourism services that can be provided,
These companies are called "Medical Tourism Facilitators" or "Health Care Facilitators" and act as mediators or associations between patients and medical providers.
Treata Health Development Company is also a medical tourism facilitation company, which has been working extensively and professionally in the field of medical tourism in the vast and ancient Iran of Iran for many years, and offers the best services to patients and foreign tourists.
The motto of Treata Company is: Health from God And services from us.
The company has a strong, committed and professional team to provide the highest quality medical tourism services, as well as to offer the most suitable medical treatment rates and compete with other countries and companies active in this area.
So : With treata Relaxed and Safe Get Medical Treatment

Meet our talented team

Get to know the people behind Treata. Our creative and technical team.

Dr. Hasan Rashki

Treatment Manager and Director of IPD

Seyed Soheil Mehrzad

CEO & Head of Tourism affair