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Plastic surgery Guarantees care
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Plastic surgery care programs

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Plastic Surgery Package Services

plastic surgery

Liposuction is used as the least side effect method to quickly remove excess fat in different parts of the body. In Iran, due to the very high skill of Iranian physicians in performing this method has the highest satisfaction in its patients. The medical center . with the use of the most advanced medical equipment and with the least complications, removes all the extra fat from the chest, abdomen, sides, back,arms and legs and gives you a beautiful body Brings


Otoplasty is used to shrink and shape the ear. In this complex method, a piece of cartilage and skin of the ear is removed and creates the same shape that the customer wants. The medical center …. has obtained the most satisfaction from its customers by using the most advanced methods.

Neck Lift Surgery
Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is one of the most complex plastic surgeries in which the surgeon uses special incisions to remove excess skin and wrinkles from the neck and gives youth to her client.


Mammoplasty is used as a method to small and beautify breasts. Medical center …. using new surgical methods gives you the assurance that you have complete satisfaction from performing this surgery in Iran.

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How We Work

Its departments are equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment for beauty and plastic surgery and are run by first-class doctors, Ph.D. and doctor of medicine, associate professors and professors are among the best experiences available in schools in Iran and other countries. Cooperation with specialized Plastic surgery clinics and research centers in Iran and other countries and provides the possibility of consultation by doctors with special expertise in Plastic surgery.

Treata,with many years of experience, offers its highest quality treatment packages at
reasonable prices to patients who are looking for the most reliable and
efficient hospitals, clinics, doctors and treatment staff.

Treata Medical Tourism values

We try to provide exactly what international patients and medical centers are looking for,
and that is nothing but compliance with international standards in providing medical services to patients.

What services does TREATA Medical Tourism platform offer to international patients?

We help international patients connect with the best doctors, clinics, hospitals and facilitators. Although we assist patients in making decisions and finding treatment centers, please keep in mind that the TREATA Medical Tourism platform does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment under any circumstances.


TREATA Medical Tourism platform services to patients after treatment and departure from Iran

. If necessary, establishing communication between the surgeon/hospital and the patient.

. Providing the necessary information to the patient about the recovery process after the operation.

. Receiving the patient’s latest medical documents from the hospital and sending them to the patient.


TREATA Medical Tourism platform services to patients during treatment in Iran

. Transfer between airport, hotel and medical centers.

. 24 hour support.

. Providing travel insurance policy to the patient.

. Accompanying the interpreter with the patient during the treatment.

. Scheduling appointments to see doctors and hospitals.

. Accompanying the patient to perform pre-operative tests.

. Purchase of prescribed drugs for post-operative patients

. Services related to tourism, such as visiting tourist attractions, etc.

. Money Exchange.


TREATA Medical Tourism consulting services before patients travel to Iran

. Estimation of the approximate cost of treatment in Iran.

. Doing things related to accommodation and ticket preparation.

. Medical visa.

. Estimating the duration of the patient’s stay in Iran.

. Introducing the right treatment center to the patient.

. Adequate information about the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

. Planning the trip.

Who are the members of the TREATA Medical Tourism team?

The TREATA Medical Tourism platform is a collection of SEO experts, site designers, writers, Arabic and English translators, business and sales specialists, doctors and experts in the field of tourism.
The goal of all of us with different backgrounds is to provide quality medical services to international patients.

Healthcare Services

Our Company has the experience and expertise to meet these needs, making us the preferred choice for hospital clients .

plastic surgery