Treatment Diseases

Tourism Development Company Treata Bastan

Treata health tourism group will accompany the patient from the time on that patient decides to the treatment until the full health and it tries to attract the full satisfaction of patients by choosing doctor, hospital, translator, residing center, and other services which are proportional to the financial ability of patient and by presenting several suggestions for the treatment with the low, middle, and high prices to different cities of Iran and the governmental, private, and charity hospitals.


Treatment of Neurological Diseases.

Parkinson's disease is a disease associated with the central nervous system, one of the main criteria for Parkinson's disease, is progressive gradual anger, limb veins, and weakness or loss of movement and physical activity.
- The disorder occurs when certain parts of the brain are no longer able to produce dopamine (one of the members in the brain).
- It should be noted that Iran is from some of the countries of the world, which in certain cases can treat Parkinson's patients 100%.
- You can see the treatment of Parkinson's treatment by the best doctors in Iran:

Ancient medicine books and documents refer to a medicine called treata.This is the first medical doctor who has undergone surgery in Iran's mythical history more than 5,000 years ago and has founded the SAENAMARAGHA Medical School, the oldest medical school in Iran and the world.Trita also has full awareness of the medicinal effects of various herbs and their own.Today, all scholars believe that the English word treatment means treating, treating and caring for the proud and famous name of this Iranian doctor of medicine in Poland.