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Treatment of Diseases by Check Up and Diagnosing


The medical diagnosis is defined as the disease or condition that causes the sign or symptom of the disease. The medical diagnosis indicated by the acronyms (Dx) or (dx) is an important medical challenge, since many signs of illness are not specific.
As you know, some diseases can be prevented, and we all heard the famous slogan "Prevention is better than cure"; however, some diseases are not known due to the fact that the causative agents of the disease are unknown or that several factors may contribute to the disease; preventable are not.
Therefore, early diagnosis of these diseases is important because of the possibility of rapid and effective treatment, reduction of disease complications and reduction of medical costs in medical science.
Therefore, even healthy people who do not have any disease and familial history of the disease should do check-ups.

 In people over 50 years of age at least once a year.
 In people under 50 years of age every 2 to 3 years.

Why complete checkout?

1- Complete checking by identifying risk factors such as increased cholesterol and blood glucose can prevent heart disease or progression, as increased blood cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of heart and brain stroke. Therefore, ensuring that cholesterol is normal Blood is especially important for people over 50 years of age.
2- Complete counting of blood cells or CBCs should also be performed because of the complete count of blood cells of the various types of anemia, such as iron deficiency anemia and thalassemic can be identified.
3- Blood fecal blood test (FOBT) is of particular value in the diagnosis of digestive polyps and colon cancer.
4- By measuring liver enzymes, albumin blood, etc., you can check the overall health of the liver and its function.
5- In the complete check, the thyroid gland function is evaluated by measuring thyroid hormones.

Trial tests include:

1- blood lipids such as cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, and HDL
2- CBC blood counting tests
3- Diabetes mellitus tests such as fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1C
4- liver function tests such as bilirubin, liver enzymes, especially GPT GOT and albumin
5- Tests of thyroid function, such as TSH, T4 and T3
6- tests for the evaluation of renal function, such as urine analysis, urea and creatinine measurements
7- tests for blood electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and blood tests
8- Screening tests for malignant diseases such as PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancers
9- Pap smear test for women to detect cervical cancers

Iran is one of the pioneers in the field of prevention and diagnosis of various diseases throughout the world, and Iranian medical specialists are well known in the world.
So many patients from around the globe, especially in the Gulf and Central Asia, come to Iran annually to diagnose and treat various diseases, because the success rate of diagnosis in diagnostic and diagnostic centers in Iran is advanced and exceptional.
In this regard, we are pleased to announce that Trita Medical Tourism Corporation is committed to providing the best diagnostic and diagnostic services to the best, most complete and equipped medical teams, as well as the types of tourism services you need.
The types of services needed in the check-out section and the diagnostic we are doing are:

1. Full physical examination of the body
2. 2. Laboratory tests
3. 3. The heart and brain
4. 4. Examination of the eye
5. 5- Exercise Test

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"Examination and diagnosis of a variety of diseases"
Cardiovascular examination:
Early and uncomplicated diagnosis of stenosis of the coronary arteries is possible.
Digestive system examination:
A colonoscopy is recommended every 10 years for prevention of lower gastrointestinal malignancies.
By performing endoscopy and timely diagnosis, the incidence of gastric and duodenal ulcers and malignant diseases is prevented.
Performing a complete ultrasound of the abdomen, organs such as the liver, spleen, gallbladder and lymph nodes are carefully examined.
Vaccination Check:
By carrying out a complete vaccination, immunity is created against infectious and contagious diseases such as hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, influenza and pancreas.
Prostate examination of men:
Complete examination of the urinary tract, male genitalia, especially prostate diseases through examination, ultrasound and various tests.
Women's Disease Survey:
Mammography or ultrasound, or both, based on age and necessity, are performed by a gynecologist after performing specialized examinations; performing Pap smear and verifying the genitalia for specific infections and preventing malignancies are special measures for women.
Eye disease review:
Full ophthalmological examinations are carried out using the most modern and equipped ophthalmic devices of the world, and with the timely diagnosis of cataracts, glaucoma and vascular changes in the retina, adverse outcomes of eye diseases are prevented.
Diseases of the skin:
Many diseases and skin malignancies in the early stages of symptoms and symptoms do not have symptoms, with the advancement of the disease symptoms are exacerbated and its treatment is wasting a lot of time and money, rapid diagnosis of diseases and skin samples, if necessary, such as There are actions in the check-up clinic.
Nutrition advice:
Given the current machine life and the lack of sufficient mobility in the majority of people in the community and the use of inappropriate diets, related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, elevated blood lipids, increased blood pressure, and more. Given the fact that proper diet helps to prevent and cure such problems, providing nutritional counseling and providing a proper diet to those who are referring to it is of particular importance to the clinic.
Oral and dental examinations:
Considering the inappropriate food habits in the community and the consumption of carbohydrates, the prevalence of oral and dental diseases, especially tooth decay and gingival infections, has increased significantly in the community. To prevent the onset of illness and inflict excessive cost on the patient, complete oral examinations are done at the check-up clinic.

Psychological counseling:
In order to have a dynamic and vibrant society, the promotion of mental and psychological well-being of individuals should be done in accordance with physical health. In this regard, psychological counseling and teaching methods for reducing stress and learning the skills of life are performed by experienced psychologists.
Medical Advice:
1- It should be noted that in many cases the comparison of the results of the laboratory tests with the previous results would be helpful in diagnosing the diseases by physicians; therefore, keeping and bringing the results of previous tests on referral to a physician is necessary.
2- To diagnose diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis C and b, and ..., blood donation and periodic testing are advisable.
3- Some laboratory tests require an 8 to 10 hour fasting period, which, of course, does not produce enough water during the fasting period as a result of the tests.
4- The use of certain medications can interfere with the results of the tests; therefore, if a person takes a certain medication, the time to visit the laboratory should inform the laboratory authorities.

Ancient medicine books and documents refer to a medicine called treata.This is the first medical doctor who has undergone surgery in Iran's mythical history more than 5,000 years ago and has founded the SAENAMARAGHA Medical School, the oldest medical school in Iran and the world.Trita also has full awareness of the medicinal effects of various herbs and their own.Today, all scholars believe that the English word treatment means treating, treating and caring for the proud and famous name of this Iranian doctor of medicine in Poland.